Marijuana and Your Metabolism

The effects of marijuana on your metabolism

How do we know if marijuana affects our metabolism? Does it speed it up or slow it down? Image Credit: By Mariiaa on shutterstock.

Marijuana has different effects on each person. Legalization is pushing boundaries, and recently, people want to know more about what cannabis does to our metabolism. Does marijuana boost or decrease our metabolism? There’s a great variety of strains make you sleepy, relaxed and energized. But undeniably, cannabis is mostly known for making you feel a pang of hunger.

What people want to know is if cannabis will make them put on unwanted weight. In American, weight is cause for concern, with statistics stating that one in three is overweight. So, if you enjoy cannabis, are you at higher risk of adding extra pounds?

Obesity Control with Marijuana

According to research, those that use marijuana on a regular basis are less likely to become obese than those that don’t. Marijuana users usually have smaller waistlines too – about 1.5 inches smaller than non-users.

Carbohydrate control is apparently better supervised, meaning that your body can quickly break down carbs for energy. Studies are trying to suggest that cannabis users may be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes as a result. However, how can this be true when users, on average, consume of up to 600 calories more than non-users per day?

In order to understand how the average cannabis user remains slim, we need to know what the endocannabinoid system is and what its role does for our body. Essentially, it’s a network of receptors throughout our body and brain that has many different purposes. It helps to regulate:

  • Digestion
  • Immune function
  • Appetite
  • Memory
  • Sleep

Keep in mind that this list goes beyond what is mentioned. The endocannabinoid system is complex — it’s responsible for cellular balance and keeping homeostasis at a balanced level.

Not much is known in regards to marijuana and our metabolism just yet — it might have no effect whatsoever. There’s no evidence on whether it speeds up or slows down our metabolism, but athletes have accredited it to giving them extra motivation to workout. So, maybe it gives you a craving to workout — and if you’re working out, then you’re metabolism is getting into action — but so far, nothing suggests that cannabis directly affects our metabolism.

Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt
Kerri Louise Watt is an experienced health and fitness advisor with 20 years of martial arts under her belt. She reports on the healthy lifestyle revolving around CBD and its future potential in fitness. You can find her work at

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