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Can CBD Help to Quit Smoking Marijuana?

CBD Helps Quit Smoking Marijuana

Credit: OfficialJesseStone

For 7 years Jesse has tried to quit smoking marijuana and has failed on multiple attempts. In this video he talks about quitting marijuana with the use of CBD. Jesse has turned to CBD oil as a form to stop smoking marijuana. While making this video Jesse announces that he has been clean 3 months, and he says that it was all thanks to CBD.

When Jesse first used (cannabidiol) CBD oil to stop his cravings, he stated that it only took one and half minutes for it to kick in, resulting in feeling calmer and a lot more mellow, which helped his withdrawal symptoms. Jesse explained that he had a lump on his throat, which he believed to be scar tissue or his thyroid gland being effective by the psychoactive drug on a daily basis.

Jesse explains the substance abuse he went through while being a marijuana user. He used to smoke five to six bong hits every two hours or forty to sixty bong hits a day. He explains that although this was medical marijuana, it’s the smoke and combustion that increasing the risks of your overall health.

Jesse explains that people who use marijuana generally have speech that it not as fluid as it used to be, and since he has been smoking for so long, he sees these side effects in himself. “I guess I replaced weed with CBD and at this point I’m still taking it so I can’t say fully cured my addiction however I have begun to make steps in the right direction”

Since taking CBD oil Jesse has noticed some health benefits and lifestyle benefits. Now he can be more productive during the day, and spend time concentrating on other activities that don’t involve being high. These activities also help him take his mind off of smoking marijuana.

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