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Cannabis Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cannabis can help you stop smoking Cigarettes

By: MrCannaTV

It has been documented by the World Health Organization that up to 7 million people are killed each year by a cigarette related disease, whereas the cannabis death toll stands at zero. Although both can be smoked in a similar way, it is nicotine that is contained in cigarettes that is a true killer and has no medical benefits.

Due to a certain chemical found in marijuana, (known as cannabidoil/CBD) studies have found that it could actually reduce tobacco consumption. It can help with cravings and cue marks. For example; seeing a person smoking in a movie may trigger someone to have a cigarette. As well as this, since CBD doesn’t contain nicotine or any other compound that may be harmful, so far it has been recorded as non addictive.

With the video we have provided above, Kevin Smith (actor, comedian and filmmaker), speaks about how he quit smoking with the help of smoking cannabis. The last time Kevin Smith was on the late show he made a promise to Jay Leno. When he next came on the show he had been cigarette free for over three years. He credits his ability to quit to marijuana. Within the video, Smith states that: “Cigarettes do nothing for you, they make you want another one. You smoke a cigarette and all you feel is dead, you smoke weed and you feel like, God! Now I feel like I can get stuff done.”

The experience was great he explains, but he had to make sure to rewire his brain. Many people start to eat more after they quit. Kevin has been a long time smoker of marijuana. He had to train himself to not eat after he smoked cannabis as it can make you gain weight. Marijuana has been shown to help people quit cigarettes by helping the brain cope with the lack of nicotine.

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