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Stop Smoking

Tobacco has been growing in the wild Americas for over 8’000 years. 4’000 years later, people started to smoke the tobacco for special and cultural events. Smoking is an action in which a dried substance is burned and inhaled. While smoking has been extremely common, and often seen as a social status, in recent years smoking has become extremely “uncool”. This is because over the years, the discovery of its damaging effects on the human body became apparent. Surprisingly, studies are showing that medical cannabis and CBD can help those who want to quit smoking.

50 years ago, 2 out of 5 adults smoked. This has decreased rapidly over the last few years. In 2014, 1 billion people smoked, which is a staggering 20% of the world’s population. Statistics show that men smoke tobacco more than women do. 40% of men smoke, while only 9% of women smoke, but this percentage is increasing in some countries.

At cannabisMD, we display a range of articles based on the facts about smoking, how addictive it is, how you can stop smoking and about nicotine and chemicals found in cigarettes. In terms of trying to quit smoking, our articles are based around using a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant called cannabidiol or commonly known as CBD oil.

If you are not only addicted to nicotine, but are addicted to cannabis too, studies show that CBD could be an optional treatment for you as well as a combination of various vaping products. At cannabisMD our goal is to provide you will all of the information you need so that you can make a decision to quit smoking. We dive into the lives of people who have used CBD to stop smoking and find out the methods and CBD dosing they used to overcome their addiction.