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The 3 Effective Natural Genital Herpes Treatments (CBD)

The 3 Effective Natural Genital Herpes Treatments (CBD)

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Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of becoming infected with the herpes virus. If you have been infected with the virus, don’t be alarmed. The herpes virus is rarely dangerous in comparison to other STDs. Two-thirds of the world population has the herpes virus.

Genital herpes is an infection caused by herpes simplex type two (HSV-2). The herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) virus is the cause of cold sores, although on rare occasions it can cause genital herpes if oral sex is involved with your sexual partner. HSV-2 can transferred from person to person if they have skin to skin contact. The infected person with whom you have sexual contact will pass the virus on to you.

If you become infected with the herpes virus you won’t experience anything unusual as the virus is silent. You could go months, if not years without noticing that you carry the virus. Blood tests can be carried in order to determine whether you have the virus or not but unless the virus is not triggered you will show no signs or symptoms.

When someone is initially infected with the virus their side effects are a lot more extreme because their immune system is not used to fighting the virus. Many people may develop symptoms and side effects like:

  1. Fever
  2. Body aches
  3. Swollen lymph nodes

During an outbreak and when signs and symptoms appear, people will experience painful blisters and/or ulcers in the genital area. People with genital herpes suffer from blisters in the genital region which cause itching, burning and tingling sensations causing discomfort and annoyance. Genital herpes can last anywhere from two to three weeks but after the initial breakout they become less severe and roughly heal within a few days.

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What are 3 of the Most Effective Natural Genital Herpes Treatments

There are many different types of treatments for genital herpes, but it’s a matter of finding the one that is best for you. Everyone’s body is different. There are no two the same. So you might find yourself going through some trial and error. But that’s okay; you will find the perfect treatment eventually.

The herpes virus cannot be cured. But you can manage to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.


You can place ice packs on your ulcers and sores and around the infected area. This will help numb the pain and decrease the inflammation. If you don’t have an ice pack you can buy a bag of ice in most shops and place some ice into a tea towel and apply it to the area. Just make sure that if you are using a towel to wash it after every use to avoid transmitting the virus and to use a fresh towel each time. If ice isn’t working for you, you might get pain and inflammation relief from applying heat packs or a hot water bottle.

Antiviral medication
Although this isn’t a natural treatment, antiviral medications aren’t very harmful although they can cause vomiting and dizziness. They are also a very common way of treating genital herpes especially if you are suffering from a severe case. Antiviral medications are great for the first outbreak, when the symptoms are very severe and can help speed up the healing process. However, they are rarely needed for subsequent outbreaks.


If you don’t know what CBD oil, here is an article that will answer all of your questions. CBD oil is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabinoids that is extracted from the cannabis plant.

As you know, herpes is viral and contains symptoms like redness and inflammation. CBD oil has been  proven to have antiviral and anti inflammatory properties. This study concentrates on cannabiniods and inflammation reduction due to CB1 receptors in our endocannabiniod system. Cannabidiol has also appeared in dozens of other studies regarding it’s antiinflammatory properties. CBD oil can combat immune response too. These immune responses are the reason why the HSV activates. The immune response triggers this activation.

If you want to try CBD oil for your genital herpes make sure that you consult your doctor first. It is also recommended that you look up the laws and regulations in your state and/or country regarding CBD so that you’re not involving yourself in any illegal activity.

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