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My Friend Says to Use CBD for the Herpes On My Lip

CBD for Lip Herpes

You did the right thing. You did not believe your friend before you had gone out and checked out all the evidence before you used a drug. This is a very sensible way to live your life and you should be commended. Hopefully, by the end of this article you should have a good idea of how herpes works, how CBD works, and how CBD could possibly help you with your facial herpes infection. Stick with it, there is some explaining to do, but you should be able to make a good decision regarding your treatment soon.

The Herpes Simplex Virus

A viral infection, like herpes is spread from person to person. Direct contact like touching, kissing, sharing lip balm, oral sex, and contaminated towels and clothes are common ways for it to spread. There does not need to be any signs and symptoms of an infection for you to be contagious, you might not even know you have herpes before you have infected someone else. Some people call a cold sore a canker sore, but they are different things.

The virus that causes herpes is called the herpes simplex virus, type I and type II. Herpes simplex usually infects the face or genitals, herpes simplex II usually infects only the genitals, though because it can be sexually transmitted and oral sex is becoming more popular, herpes simplex II is appearing more often on the face. If you have herpes on the lip, you have herpes labialis, which means exactly that.

When a person is infected by herpes, the virus travels to the epithelial cells (the topmost layer of the skin), where it infects nerve cells. It injects a strand of RNA into the cell, which then recognizes this as an instruction to copy the RNA into its own DNA. The rest of the virus gets digested but the DNA is in the host’s DNA and will remain there until the cell is stressed or is in the right conditions. When these occur, the cell reads the DNA and makes billions of copies of the virus, so many that the cell digests itself to make more and dies.

Predictably, when the cell dies from being completely jammed full of viruses, it pops, spraying viral culture everywhere. This makes the immune system notice that something is going wrong, so it tries to defend the rest of the body. The resulting response is an increased blood flow to the affected area (inflammation), lots of immune cells flood the infected area, and increased levels of nutrients. Because the infected cells are usually nerve cells, this causes them to become inflamed. This is how herpes on the lip causes the symptoms of pain, itching, swelling and heat. It is also why clusters of blisters happen; the virus is contained to one small area, causing cold sores.

The immune response is most effective; within a week most people’s herpes starts to wear off. So why does it come back? Because if even one virus can make it past the defences and infect one cell, it becomes invisible to the immune system and lies dormant, waiting for the next period of stress or other triggering conditions. The cycle then continues and the virus causes sores.

Herpes on the Lip – What to do?

Antiviral medications are common but need to be prescribed. They can have some nasty side effects, so a lot of people avoid them if they can. Otherwise, using anti-inflammatories and painkillers is the general route to treating mouth sores.

Long-term use of paracetamol and ibuprofen is linked to a higher risk of developing heart disease, so if you have chronic herpes on the lip they can be risky.

The alternative treatment you are reading this article to hear about is CBD. How does it work and why is it good for treating herpes?

CBD is a very successful anti-inflammatory agent. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and causing the reaction to infection to be reduced. This is both a good thing and a bad thing for your herpes infection. You get the benefit of the itching and swelling going down, making the infection much more tolerable, but you also get a reduction in the successful antiviral activities of the body, meaning the infection can last longer. The reader is faced with a compromise: longer and less annoying or shorter and more annoying.

Pain Regulation
CBD is an effective neuropathic pain modulator. The inflamed nerves that make herpes such a painful and irritating condition can be treated with CBD by both reducing their inflammation and their pain signal threshold, hopefully making the condition much easier to bear.

Stress Relief
One of the benefits of CBD is that it is a mood stabilizer. Because herpes is often triggered by stress, using a tolerable mood stabilizer might be an effective tool for reducing the chance of a herpes trigger.

CBD Safety
The safety record for CBD is not as extensive as for many other drugs. This is largely due to the continued illegality of the drug in most of the world. However, some small-scale studies have been carried out on CBD and they all find that it is a largely tolerable, safe drug with very few (and mild) side effects.

Your Friend Might be Right
They might also be wrong. At this time, nobody really knows how well CBD could work for herpes on the lip, because no proper studies have looked at it. There have been some in labs that found the anti-inflammatory effect was so powerful that the herpes infection was able to last longer, on the other hand, there have been studies that show that herpes-related sarcomas were attacked by CBD.

More studies need to be carried out before anyone can say whether CBD for herpes on the lip is actually a useful treatment, but that should not deter someone who is willing to spend a relatively small amount of money for a more natural alternative to antiviral and painkilling medicines.

You could wait until more evidence arrives, or you could try CBD and see if it works. There is very little to lose.

Using CBD for Herpes
CBD is easy to use. You can get it in its pure form or as part of a cream, ointment, or other treatment method.

Lip Balm
Some companies offer CBD lip balm, perfect for herpes labialis. When you feel a little itching or pain, you can just whip out the lip balm and slather it on for an effective anti-inflammatory boost.

Pure CBD
Using pure CBD is often recommended, it is easy to do and you can be very sure of the dose for later comparison and evaluation. It does not taste too good, but it can be hidden in food, drinks, or smoothies for a longer lasting but slower effective dose.

Another way of taking pure CBD is to use it sublingually. Putting it under the tongue makes sure that a lot of the CBD is absorbed through the thin tissues of the sublingual cavity before you swallow it, so you get a more immediate effect and the longer lasting effect from swallowing CBD. It does not taste very good, so using a gummy bear or sugar cube under the tongue with the CBD can make it much more tolerable.

If your herpes is not inside the mouth, a cream with CBD could be helpful. Dollop it on like it says on the tube, leave it as long as possible, and rub it in. You should get good results this way as it is delivering the CBD right to the site of inflammation, not to the entire body. This is a more concentrated way of applying the drug.

In Food/Edibles
Eating CBD is an excellent way of getting the drug into your system without having to taste it. It can be incorporated into nearly any meal and rarely affects the taste.

CBD is legal in some countries but not in others. It is advised that you investigate thoroughly before you obtain any, especially if you live in the United States, where it is legal in some states but illegal at the federal level. The confusion about legality is dangerous, so make sure you know where you stand and do not buy any of it is illegal.

Talk to your Doctor
A qualified medical practitioner will be the best person to advise you on your use of CBD for herpes sores. It is a drug and should be treated with the seriousness that drugs deserve. Your doctor will be able to make the best recommendations for its use.

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