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10 Ways CBD Oil Can Help with Herpes and Cold Sores

10 ways on how CBD can treat genital herpes

CBD oil is believed to boost the immune function to battle viral infections. Here are ten ways it can help to relieve cold sores and herpes virus infection.

How many different types of treatment have you endured for your herpes simplex virus? Herpes simplex is difficult to treat. While herpes simplex can’t be treated, you can treat the virus so you don’t endure as many outbreaks. Even though your breakouts aren’t constant, they’re itchy and unattractive. If no other product took away the itchiness or pain, try CBD oil. CBD helps calm your cold sores, decreasing their pain and redness.

Even though herpes in uncurable, CBD does weaken the virus so you don’t receive as many outbreaks. Are you still interested in trying CBD for your cold sores? Here are 10 ways you can use CBD to treat oral herpes.

Topical Formula — First Sign of Herpes

Many cases of oral herpes are genetic and can’t be treated. But if you catch oral herpes early, you may be able to prevent any further outbreaks.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This means your sores will reduce swelling.

Isopropyl alcohol is an age-old trick to clear up cold sores. Combining these properties results in cold sore killing and preventing their growth in the long-term.

Combine these ingredients:

  • One ounce of 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • One drop of CBD oil
  • Glass or plastic container with lid

Combine the alcohol and CBD in the container.

Place the lid on the container and shake up the mixture. Apply the mixture to the cold sores. Apply as much as necessary and as often as you need, but two or three times a day is recommended. Use this formula until your breakout clears.

CBD Oil Tincture

If you would rather use CBD alone, you can apply CBD topically whenever you have a breakout. CBD could be used as treatment to lessen the severity of outbreaks if sores are on your genitals or your mouth.

After you have applied the oil straight onto the infected area, you may experience how CBD has the ability to calm the pain. The itchiness will decrease and pain will be eliminated.

Other symptoms of herpes can be targeted by CBD too. It has healing capacities towards the open sores and blisters.

You simply take a drop of CBD oil, place it on your fingertip, and apply it to the infected area.
Let the CBD absorb into your cold sores. Each time you get an outbreak, apply CBD to the area. As time goes on, you’ll get breakouts less frequently.

CBD Topicals

CBD comes in a variety of topical medication forms. This includes cream, salves, balms, and ointments. All of these medications are great for treating herpes cold sores.

With the wide amount of topical options available, different products work better for different people. Each contains a generous amount of CBD that will help improve your cold sores. But each feels different.

For example, a CBD cream will alleviate cold sore pain and irritation and are similar to herpes topical medications. But the cream might be too thick and creamy. Salves are also a better option, but some users may prefer the cream.

Other topicals, such as balms, may reduce the swelling and redness but may not take away the pain. Ointments may also work similarly.

Keep in mind, not all topicals are safe for oral and genital use. Be sure to read the safety warnings or ask your doctor and budtender.

CBD Lip Balm

If you have herpes simplex, CBD lip balm is a great way to treat your herpes and moisturize your lips. While they’re only marketed to fix chapped lips, you still receive moisture benefits and get a boost of CBD.

A lot of CBD products aren’t safe for the oral region. When you use lip balm, you can rest assured you’re using a product that’s safe for your lips.

You still receive lots of benefits from the CBD. This may not take away from pain and itchiness, but the CBD can reduce the redness and swelling from your cold sores.

Apply CBD lip balm liberally, even when you don’t experience a herpes outbreak.

This ensures you’re getting CBD into your oral region, combating herpes outbreaks.

Outbreaks usually form during a time of stress, such as sickness or hormonal changes. The CBD will strengthen your immune system, fighting a herpes outbreak.

CBD Vapor

Even though there’s no direct contact, smoking CBD oil can help reduce herpes outbreaks. Vaping CBD is one of the most popular CBD consumption methods.

It’s easy to inhale, the vapor isn’t harsh on your throat, and you feel the effects immediately.

To inhale CBD vapor, you need a vape pen. You take the CBD vape juice and pour it into the coils. This creates a vapor rather than smoke. Vapor is safer for your throat and lungs, so you reap the CBD benefits without harsh side effects.

When CBD enters your lungs, it works immediately. This is because CBD enters your bloodstream after it’s absorbed into your lungs. This allows a higher concentration of CBD to enter your system, healing your body.

CB2 receptors, the cell receptors CBD controls, are located in your immune system. This helps strengthen your immune system, able to fight the herpes virus and its outbreak.


If you prefer eating marijuana, you can still receive CBD benefits in edibles and other ingestible methods.

Edibles are food items that are made with CBD. These types of food can be a wide range of different products; anything from tea to chocolate is made with CBD.

The most popular type of edibles is gummies.

They’re delicious, cheap, and easy to eat. Other popular types of CBD edibles include honey, cookies, candy, coffee, mints, and tea. Keep in mind, certain edibles are only available in states where marijuana is legal.

Even though CBD isn’t applied directly to the herpes breakouts, ingesting CBD also helps treat the breakouts.

CBD needs to process through your bloodstream so your body can receive the benefits.

This process takes a little longer with edibles; the CBD needs to process through your digestive tract before it reaches your bloodstream. If you choose edibles, expect to receive benefits an hour after eating the edibles.

Tinctures and Sprays

Do you want to orally consume CBD, without the extra calories? Tinctures and sprays are also great options. These are CBD oil products that you consume orally.

The oil is extracted using solvents such as butane, or a solvent-free method such as carbon dioxide.

You can choose between a hemp-based CBD product or CBD extracted from cannabis (this option may only be available if you live in a medicinal marijuana state).

A tincture comes with a dropper. To use a tincture, lift your tongue up and squeeze the desired amount of drops under your tongue. Swish the oil in your mouth and hold it for a few seconds before swallowing.

A spray works similarly. You lift your tongue and spritz the desired amount of sprays under your tongue. Hold the liquid in your mouth before swallowing.

To increase the results, use both as an oral medication and as a topical medication.

Oil and Cannabis Root

A surprising herpes treatment includes mixing CBD oil with cannabis root. Apply this mixture to your outbreaks, and your herpes will vanish.

While most reports the cold sores go away, for good, the mixture’s creator claims it will take away the virus altogether.

This isn’t proven, but mixing oil with cannabis root is easy. It’s worth a try, especially with the positive feedback the mixture is receiving.

If you decide to try this method, apply the mixture to the cold sores once a day for a few days. The infected areas might be gross, but over time they will heal.

CBD Pills

If you still prefer the oral ingestion, you can take CBD oil pills. This CBD is extracted from hemp and is legal in all 50 states.

The oil is placed in a capsule, making it easy to swallow. People prefer this method over other oral supplements; the capsules don’t have a taste and they’re more convenient to take than the tincture.

If you prefer using CBD flower or plant, you can grind up the plant and place the leaves into an empty capsule.

Since the CBD has to go through the digestive tract, it will take longer to experience the benefits. But once the CBD is fully absorbed into your bloodstream, you’ll notice a reduction in your herpes breakouts.

But taking a CBD pill is one of the easiest ways to administer CBD. If you live in a medical marijuana state and decide to grind a CBD-dominant strain, you can purchase your favorite CBD strain to treat your herpes.

Smoking Flower

If you would rather skip the CBD oil and go for the plant, there are plenty of CBD-dominant strains that can target your herpes outbreaks.

Strains such as Harlequinn and Cannatonic contain potent CBD so your body can fight the herpes virus.

Keep in mind, this option is only available to patients in a medicinal marijuana state. Smoking the flower can also be damaging to your lungs.

Take Cannabis to Heal Herpes

Herpes is a virus that stays dormant in your system for life. Herpes is characterized by painful and ugly cold sores. Most people have herpes around the mouth, but you can also contract the virus on your genitals.

Fortunately, CBD oil is effective at treating herpes. Use one of these administration methods and say goodbye to herpes forever.

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