Former Heavyweight Champ – Anxiety and Depression with CBD

CBD used to help depression and anxiety in weight lifters

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Shannon Briggs, a former heavyweight champ (60-6-1, 53 KOs) reveals his plans. He stated

“I’m really happy to be getting back into training and I want to fight in 2018,” said the 46-year-old Briggs. “This past year was a tough year for me. It’s been a long road, with many twists and turns, but I battled through it and feel good about the future. The Champ is back and ready to go!”

Shannon Briggs – His Story on Anxiety and Depression

Briggs says he has endured bouts of anxiety, depression, and severe pain resulting from the injuries sustained during fights, but he’s discovered an alternative wellness regiment that helped him to become stronger both mentally and physically. Briggs has found a purpose: to help other athletes and people who suffer from mental and physical ailments manage the pain by offering an alternative treatment approach.

“In addition to being excited about getting in the ring, I am also proud to launch my new business which will help athletes who suffer from the same type of pain issues that I do,”

added Briggs.

Briggs on Health and Wellness

Champ RX LLC is Briggs newest business venture and plans to launch an alternative health and wellness line of CBD products that are 100% THC free. Professional sports teams and organizations have reached out to ChampRX for research on how CBD products can help with CTE and other brain disease and damaged caused by traumatic head injuries. In early 2018 the product line will be available to consumers.

CBD seems to have benefited Briggs and helped reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but keep in mind, that not everyone reacts to it the same way, so please consult your doctor or another medical professional before you try using CBD.

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