CBD as a Post Workout Supplement – Fight the Burn

CBD infused post working supplement

After exercise, especially intense sessions, you may feel some nausea, cramping of muscles, pain and fatigue. A lot of athletes may treat these symptoms with alcohol and opioids after exercise to relax and reduce some of the effects. Long-term use of opioids can have a detrimental effect on the body, similar to regular intake of alcohol. Athletes and people serious about health should perhaps look to more natural or balanced remedies.

Cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant, work naturally with the internal endocannabinoid system of our bodies. CBD (cannabidiol) and exercise go especially well together as there is less toxicity, more effectiveness and a host of potential health benefits from using this specific chemical compound.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol also known as CBD is a cannabinoid (chemical compound) from the cannabis plant. In past illegal production of cannabis pushed more towards strains of cannabis which included high traces of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) to get people high. However these days the focus has changed to producing more CBD rich plants instead as the demand for CBD increases due to more people understanding its potential medical benefits as further research is carried out.

Cannabidiol shows potential in treating chronic pain, and a wide range of other conditions, but more clinical studies need to be produced. Further to this, studies into the use of THC for brain related conditions have shown that the combined use of CBD and THC can provide increased medical benefits without providing a psychoactive side effect of getting high. This is due to the metastasis of the cannabinoids creating CBN (cannabinol) which is thought to provide the extra medical benefits.

These results provide interesting insights into the future treatment potential of CBD for athletes. Anecdotal reports of mixed martial artists athlete like Nick and Nate Diaz state medical cannabis is very beneficial for post workout treatments however cannabis use can be consider a banned substance in sports. Again we see potential in cannabis here but laws and regulations hold it back from wider accepted use.

Using CBD Products as a Post-Workout Supplement

There are millions of different types of supplements people and professional athletes can take to help them post workout but like any medication, a supplement can be more beneficial for one person compared to another and responsible use is always necessary.

Natural post work out supplements and home made concoctions are becoming more poplar and as we mentioned before medical cannabis and CBD are among them. After intense workout sessions, you may want to look for CBD supplements that offer relief from pain and inflammation as well as helping you relax and unwind.

It is best to consult with your doctor or a registered pharmacist before doing so as different sizes of supplements and concentrations can provide different results. Further more since little study has be carried out in relation to dosage most dosage guidelines are recommended and not clinically tested. Therefore testing dosages is needed until you get the right balance and concentration that suits your body and needs.

CBD oils can work as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic as well as having a internal balancing effect on the body. If taken correctly in accordance with doctor/pharmacist recommendations CBD shouldn’t have any physical or mental effect on your athletic ability but it could produce a faster recovery period.

Suggestions on How to Use CBD Supplements

CBD can be found in a variety of forms including tinctures, capsules, sprays, rubs, edibles and can be vaporized or smoked as well. Depending on the person, one method of intake may be better than another and as always smoking is not good for you. Even if it is medical cannabis. As an athlete, smoking should not be the first choice as this takes in other harmful substances and may affect the respiratory system. Vaporizing CBD brings can be a better alternative but once again some people can struggle to use it and it can do more harm than good. As we always say, doctors advice is always the best advice to go with first.

Tinctures are bottles of CBD oil with a dropper applicator to allow you to take the oil. They are considered one of the most popular forms of CBD consumption as it is a direct intake on cbd oil into your system. The only downside to this is that high concentrations of CBD oil can taste bad at first. Alternatively someone could use capsules instead. Edibles usually relate to everyday foods which include CBD oil or cannabis such as drinks, cookies, gummy sweets or brownies etc.

Lotions and creams are used topically and can help relieve cramps and sore muscles after exercise. If you are going to vaporize or use tinctures, capsules and edibles, it is recommended that you start with a smaller dose to check your body’s tolerance and increase the dose as necessary until you experience the effect required.

CBD and exercise are not mutually exclusive as CBD can be used in a number of ways without being detrimental to your body. Cannabis is a known analgesic and CBD oil has the potential to help relieve pain before, during and after exercise. Further more, studies into the use of CBD in athletes show that its anti-inflammatory effects can improve relaxation, help with sleep, reduce muscle spasms, improve growth and healing of muscle tissue which are all very important for serious professional athletes.

CBD and Exercise – Combating Oxidative Stress

It has also been recorded that CBD is also a strong anti-oxidant. This means it could also have the potential to combat oxidative stress after intense workouts. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals when we exert ourselves. Most of these free radicals are naturally expelled by the body, but if our training sessions are especially intense, our bodies may not cope with the excess free radicals, which leads to oxidative stress.

Oxidation stress is an imbalance in the body which can lead to tissue damage, reduction in brain function and even be fatal in worst case scenarios. CBD may be able to restore the body’s natural balance and reduce oxidative stress. This may also reduce lactic acid build up and reduce cramps and muscle spasms.

This may be good news, especially for marathon runners or people doing other forms of intense body workouts. This is another way that CBD and exercise may go well together to improve fitness and health.

A lot more research will need to be done to determine the full health benefits of CBD oil and CBD supplements. To date the research has fully determined some of the effects such as the improvement in pain and inflammation in the body when people use CBD products. Research is currently ongoing on the effects of CBD on oxidative stress.

Remember It is always best to check with your doctor before starting to use CBD. CBD and exercise may have a long-term future, with CBD products becoming available that can be used before workouts, during intense workouts and post workout to relieve some of the symptoms experienced. This may also enhance the time spent exercising, the enjoyment of moving your body and achieve long-term health benefits overall.

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