How to Use CBD Vape Juice to Help with Sleep

Using vape juice with CBD for aid sleep

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Sleep is one of the necessary ingredients for living a healthy life. Without a decent sleep, we find ourselves groggy, unable to focus and also more prone to illness. It is during sleep that our body and mind recharge. The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasised and yet more and more people are getting less and less of it.

That is why people are turning to prescription drugs to help them. However would it not be better if there was a natural alternative that not only had no side effects but also actually worked?

This is where CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol comes in. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. This means it will not get you “high” something that would not be very conducive to a good night’s sleep. CBD can be extracted from the cannabis plant and turned into an oil. The oil can then be taken as a spray, in capsules or vaped.

CBD and Sleep

So how can CBD help you get the sleep your body and mind needs? As CBD becomes used more for its medicinal benefits more research is being done to discover the extent of them. The fact is though that CBD has been known for its therapeutic and calming effects for a long time. Over the centuries and across cultures CBD has been used to help address sleeping problems such as insomnia. Detailed below are a number of the issues that CBD can help with that hinder sleep.

CBD Can Help with Stress

Stress or anxiety of any kind can have an extremely negative impact on your ability to sleep and also maintain healthy sleep patterns. One of the leading symptoms of anxiety disorders is insomnia which is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep for extended periods of time.

Stress disorders can result in a perpetual grogginess and feelings of restlessness. If you are experiencing stress at work or maybe with your family or in your other relationships this anxiety can cause your nervous system to remain active when your body is trying to rest. Without a proper night’s sleep on a regular basis, your body is then prevented from:

  • Building new cells
  • Detoxing
  • Digesting
  • Healing

This, of course, can lead to a further increase in your stress levels perpetuating the cycle. Research is showing that CBD can be a highly effective treatment for anxiety and stress. This is because it helps stimulate the production of hormones that aid in mood regulation. The endocannabinoid system helps with this by balancing out any potentially harmful increases or decreases in protein activity which could be making use, anxious, depressed or contributing to any number of conditions.

CBD has also been shown to improve cognitive function and also lessen the sensation of your mind racing. If you are experiencing difficulties sleeping due to stress, CBD may be able to help. Though remember it is only a part of the treatment necessary and should not be considered a panacea to stress.

CBD Regulates Sleep Cycles

Your sleep patterns are of vital importance when it comes to your health. If you are getting a good night’s sleep followed by two bad ones it still does harm. CBD can help regulate and stabilize your sleeping pattern. For one thing, CBD can help you to achieve longer periods of undisrupted sleep.

This, in turn, can provide you with sensations of energy and alertness during the day. Sleep is something that improves by a multiplier effect rather than linear. What this means is that every night you get a good sleep further improves the sleep you have the next time.

CBD Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Pain is a common reason for people to experience poor sleep. If you find it difficult to lie down then it is going to be nearly impossible to get a good night’s rest. Chronic pain especially is very difficult to deal with as it becomes a constant issue regardless of what the person is doing. CBD is known to be beneficial in treating chronic pain in different ways but one of the most recorded instances is due to its anti-inflammatory properties controlling inflammation which can cause chronic pain. Vaping CBD oil for a while before bed until you feel conformable could result in a better nights sleep even with CBD’s relaxation based qualities as well.

Vaping with CBD oil is a better alternative to smoking cannabis however it isn’t for everyone. This is why before you try to vape or even use CBD oil we would advise that you seek medical advice from your doctor or registered medical professional before trying any treatment.

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