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Best Marijuana Strain for Sleep

Best Marijuana Strain For Sleep

By: Feshen willer

What strain should I use to treat my insomnia? now it’s a it’s a great question but keep in mind that strains are very diverse and they can vary even from producer to producer or even within the same producer so what we recommend is to take a number of different factors into consideration first and foremost insomnia is not generally an isolated condition it’s usually comorbid with other conditions and that could be chronic pain it could be anxiety it could be depression it could be any number of different things so when you’re treating your your insomnia it’s important to look at these these other conditions as well and treat those now also keep in mind that everybody is unique in terms of their physiology and how they react to drugs so what may work for Suzy may not work for Joe so it’s gonna take likely a little bit of trial and error to find the strain that works best for you additionally we also have cannabinoids and turkeys which are extremely important to look at so you’ve probably heard the descriptions of indica dominant strains and sativa dominant strains those terms are becoming less relevant as there’s been so much crossbreeding but they still are good as general markers and what we find is that indica strains know more people report having success treating insomnia with indica strains and that may be because of a terpene called mercy so mersin actually is a sedative itself and it seems to work synergistically which with THC to help promote sleep so when you go to a dispensary important thing to look at is to find strains that have mercy and content so over 0.5 percent or above is typical for many indica dominant strains and that can run up to 3 percent sativa strains sativa dominant strains on the other hand tend to be far less than that and oftentimes people find sativa dominant strains to increase anxiety and other things that may affect your sleep so look for strains again that a rich have a rich terpene profile ideally Rick mersin don’t go for high THC because high THC can actually increase anxiety and other things and can cause some sleeplessness a restlessness when you’re trying to get to sleep.

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