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Using Cannabis to Treat Parkinson’s Symptoms

Medical cannabis for treating Parkinson's symptoms

Original video title: Parkinson’s with Hemp Oil

Credit: Roland Duby

Pat is a Parkinson’s Patient. In this video, you can clearly see how distressed he is from suffering from tremors. His speech is rickety and stuttery, he is shaking vigorously, and he’s angry at the fact that medical cannabis isn’t legal all over the world. Four years ago, Pat was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He wasn’t able to walk, he was shaking, and he didn’t know what he was doing. Now he can remember what he’s doing, he can get along and function like a normal person.

“That’s not right, it should be legal, I don’t give a damn if they tax it or not, they shouldn’t do that to a human being. I was getting no better until I started taking this”. States Pat, referring to CBD oil. Pat wants cannabis to be legal for the people who rely on it the most, and for the people who need it for a better quality of life, such as himself.

During the video, Pat’s friend offers him some cannabis. His friend then started to roll cannabis in a smoking form for him because his tremors are too severe. Pat says that he doesn’t get high from it unless he takes too much of it, but once he found out the right dosage amount, he doesn’t get high. His friend had given his a capsule containing cannabis which had a very high dosage. Pat stated that he didn’t shake or show any signs or symptoms of having Parkinson’s disease.

25 minutes after inhaling cannabis, Pat had zero signs or symptoms of having Parkinson’s disease. His tremors had disappeared, and he was able to talk without stuttering. Pat’s friend asked Pat to stand up in front of the camera and to walk into the other room. Pat was able to achieve this with ease, he didn’t have to hold onto the wall like he used to. His friend said, “That’s a thousand percent better, it’s amazing, it’s like night and day”.

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