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Treating Parkinson’s with Cannabis – Super Simple Explanation

Treating Parkinson’s with Cannabis

Video credit: Shango Los

Shango Los is a podcast host from the United States. Shango Los plays an active role in the cannabis industry. He aims to normalize marijuana to cannabis enthusiast and patients. In this video, Shango sets out to inform the effects cannabis has on people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Discussing Cannabis Medication With Patients

Shango Los tells a story about one of his patients who is taking cannabis medication. This patient had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for years and had a bad quality of life. His wife thanked Shango Los, as she explained to him that her husband was out cutting the lawn, and she hasn’t heard or seen him do that in years.

Los’s patient was able to stand straight, and use a lot of force to cut the lawn. Beforehand, he was shuffling due to muscle clenching in his back, he had motor skill issues. A year and a half later, Shango’s patient is still taking his medication and has a good quality of life.

Cannabis, Dosing and It’s Importance

Los explains how cannabis and dosing are extremely important due to the fact that we are all different therefore we react to things differently. This applies to all types of medications. This is vital for when medicinal cannabis users take THC because people can be susceptible to it. He opts that is you are sensitive to THC, but still need to take it, use CBD oil separately to THC so that you can microdose throughout the day.

Shango says that all of his patients are on other Parkinson’s related medication as well as cannabis oil, he doesn’t recommend patients to immediately stop taking their medication for Parkinson’s. The only difference to these patients is that they have decreased their dosage of prescription drugs.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Due to horrible side effects lm not taking Parkinson’s meds so l suffer from pain, weakness, anxiety, constipation, eyes & ear problems, voice limitations, inability to stand erect & cannot walk without walkers.

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