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Strains for Treating Parkinson’s

Treat Parkinson's with these cannabis strains

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Dutch Dragon

  • Sativa
  • 15-20% THC
  • 0.01% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Depression, pain, stress, lack of appetite and headaches
  • Dutch Dragon is a tangerine flavored Sativa landrace strain which helps in uplifting the mood of anyone utilizing it. An analogy can be derived from its name. The dutch dragon can analogized to the state of the dutch before the Amsterdam revolution of culture, the Dutch weren’t much fun loving and after the penetration of western culture it got as fun-loving as the Ajax football team, the change in culture was drastic, and the change in mood that the dutch dragon induces is also drastic. It leaves you in a state of euphoria. The stance lasts for 3 hours at max and novice smokers might have the urge to sleep right after consuming it. The drug is produced in West Africa, as the plant from which it is extracted is predominantly found there.

Lavender Haze

  • Sativa
  • 20% THC
  • .10-.14 CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, lack of appetite, pain, eye pressure
  • Lavender Haze is a sleepy one, it can put people in a trance, and that effect is accredited to its root; it’s a hybrid with indica dominance and traces of purple leaves which are extractable from soma seeds. Lavender Haze is recommended in mediated doses as it can leave you stoned and sleeping for hours and hours. It’s one for the lazy days or the days where you want to sleep for a marathon stretch. The drug is also capable of providing pain relief and helps you forget the inflammation by dulling it down to a minute level.


  • Hybrid
  • 18-26% THC
  • 0.02% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depressio, pain and headaches
  • Chemdawg is an orphan of sorts as its genetic history is as uncertain as it can get. Chemdawg has as many origins as Aquaman. The THC content in this one covers almost a quarter of its composition which leads to strong cerebral highs, which means relief for all those headaches and a calmness which knows no bounds. If you feel like a migraine is going to grind your consciousness right to the molecule level, then it’s best that you change your course to chemdawg, as it’s guaranteed to make you feel at rest. The chemdawg is one recommended for experienced users as not everyone is capable of taking the full hit of the experience it offers.

Critical Cheece

  • Hybrid
  • 19% THC
  • 0.03% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, nasuea, pain, depression, headaches
  • Critical Cheese marijuana strain is a direct extract from sativa in dominance to its minority counterpart being marijuana. The marijuana extracts that are utilized in this one are cultivated to critical health and are dense to the maximum. The buzz it provides is overwhelming at times, and just like cheese it isn’t for everyone, and the huts are at times critical. Critical cheese also stimulates the brain and cognition associated with it. So it might be a good idea to take it early in the day for creative output.


  • Hybrid
  • 14% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, stress, depression, fatigue
  • Ms. Universe is one for those who aspire for a Kush to make all their worries go away; it can be informally used as a treatment for all the negative energy inducing moods, like anxiety and a lack of general appetite. Ms. Universe is recommended for special usage like that of an early day head start, or for a recreational evening and at times for medical reasons. The smoke smells fruity and creates an ambiance that screams calmness.
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