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Larry Smith – Medical CBD Parkinson’s Treatment

Parkinson's disease and Medical CBD with Larry Smith

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By: Ride with Larry

This short clip is from Ride with Larry, a film documenting the life and struggles of a retired police chief with Parkinson’s. It begins with a fellow Parkinson’s patient has offering to instruct Larry on using Medical Marijuana. Larry is shaking uncontrollably when he opens the door to greet his friend. Soon they sit down and Larry describes having a bad week with his symptoms.

The best way to take his medical marijuana is a drop under his tongue and a rub to his inner cheek. The filming begins at 137. Within less than five minutes, at 1:41, his shaking has complete stopped. Moreso, his motor functions are back, and his voice has returned. In five minutes his symptoms are gone. Larry himself is amazed at how quickly the effects look place.

A woman’s voice because the sole audio over background footage of Larry. She states, as a witness, “he needed a single drop and his hands afterwards were rock steady and the dyskinesia left. The same woman later said, “we know that medical marijuana controls dyskinesia and yet it’s not available to us. Dyskinesia is the impairment of voluntary movement.

How Does Cannabis Work in Our Bodies?

We know from animal experiments the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a critical role in regulating motor activity. It regulates the very type of activity that’s impaired in Parkinson’s disease, according to preclinical animal studies. Scientists also now know that boosting select branches of the ECS is helpful in relieving Parkinson’s symptoms. According to anecdotal evidence, there are certain patients who smoke marijuana and experience relief from their symptoms.

Seeing a clear benefit from the treatment, Larry is upset that he is not able to get it in his home state. Dr. Daniele Piomelli is the Director of Pharmacology UC Irvine. His main frustration is the fact that he is unable to pursue this line of treatment, which has shown so much promise. He says there are political and financial blockades surrounding the movement to legalize medical marijuana.

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