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Parkinson’s Patient Supports Medical Marijuana Legislation

Medical Marijuana Legislation and Parkinson disease

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Larry Wood from Smith Mountain Lake was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the central nervous system, which then has a negative impact on the motor system. This results in movement disorders, like slowness of movements Rigid muscles, impaired posture and balance, speech and writing changes and tremors. Larry said “It affected my way of life. When you retire, you expect to have a good life then all of a sudden it’s not there”.

Larry’s Testimony on Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease

Larry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 6 years ago, but when it came to a point where the disease was affecting his whole life, Larry started to look into cures his Parkinson’s disease. After he watched a video on the side effects of medical cannabis, he decided that he would attempt it. Larry said, “if it would let me sleep, it would be worth it”.

After taking the medical cannabis, Larry said that the results were shocking. For two and a half hours he had complete relief from all symptoms of Parkinson’s. Relief that Larry hadn’t experienced in over 2 years which was when his Parkinson’s left it’s early stage.

Larry stated that it was not easy, to fight the battle over following medical cannabis laws or making himself free from pain and suffering and could live out his life peacefully with a good quality of life. “I know that it is illegal, but I was willing to do it because of the pain and suffering that I have been through”.

The Virginia House of Delegates unanimously approved the bill to make medical cannabis legal so that it is easier for patients like Larry to have access to the medicine they need.

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