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Parkinson’s Disease and the Advent of CBD Oil Products

CBD Oil Products for Parkinson's

Medical marijuana controversy is slowly subsiding in the US. As the roadblocks faced by medical cannabis researchers begin to fall away, cannabidiol (CBD) becomes an increasingly common treatment method for a wide variety of ailments and diseases. CBD oil treatments are becoming especially popular with those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s may be the most treatable disease currently remedied by CBD oil. Breakthroughs have been made in understanding the way CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to alleviate Parkinson symptoms. Absent of THC’s psychoactive effects, CBD oil is easy to take, and offers compelling, natural relief.

An Overview of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder that affects the motor system. Its common symptoms include tremors and other debilitating motor function obstructions. Parkinson tremors usually start in one area, like a hand or a limb, and slowly spread to other limbs.

In addition to tremors, Parkinson disease also results in slow, uncoordinated body movement. Motor planning is the body’s natural control of body movement. Parkinson’s decreases the body’s motor planning significantly. The last physical symptoms of the disease are usually rigidity and postural instability.

Thought it’s physical symptoms can be harrowing, Parkinson disease often carries with it severe mental and emotional difficulties. The stress of daily struggles with Parkinson’s can lead to anxiety and depression. The disease can also cause more direct mental health issues. Parkinson’s can impair thought processes (both daily and abstract), impulse control, environmental awareness, and even increase the risk of dementia.

Unfortunately, there remains no cure for Parkinson’s. The most common forms of treatment include pharmaceuticals, surgical therapy, physical therapy, or a combination of all three. Of the alternative treatments that exist for Parkinson’s, arguably none have proven as successful as CBD oil.

The Larry Smith Story

Anyone who has done even the most preliminary research into CBD treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is probably familiar with the story of Larry Smith. In a video that went viral, Smith—a patient with extreme Parkinson’s symptoms—is shown taking CBD oil for the first time. The video emphasizes his symptoms before taking CBD, then immediately after. It doesn’t take more than four minutes for Smith’s symptoms to subside. His Parkinson’s tremors seem to vanish, and he is even able to carry a tune (something that, as Smith notes, he hadn’t been able to do since he began struggling with the disease). Smith’s story and the cathartic way in which it was presented has provided a lot of people with an unprecedented sense of hope in treating a disease like Parkinson’s.

Other Studies

Not every Parkinson’s patient will experience results like Larry Smith’s. As with any treatment, individual effects will inevitably vary. But that doesn’t change the fact that treating Parkinson disease with CBD oil is producing overwhelmingly positive results across the globe. Participants in the Larry Smith video note that Smith is far from the only patient to experience similar results after experimenting with CBD. Likewise, a study out of Israel showed incredible results in alleviating Parkinson’s symptoms through cannabis treatment. The study showed overwhelmingly positive results among Parkinson’s patients who tried a whole-plant cannabis. It also demonstrated that cannabis treatment can alleviate both motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms. Cannabis has also successfully treated similar diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and disc degeneration.

For a lot of people, a whole-plant cannabis regimen may be out of the question. Some may have researched the psychoactive components of cannabis and found them unappealing for a variety of reasons. Others may work for a company that carries out random drug tests. There may even be those with a spouse who is uncomfortable with the idea of cannabis treatment. For all of these people, CBD-based treatment may be the best option. Another semi-recent study demonstrated that, if all else fails, CBD has the power to alleviate the toxic symptoms of other Parkinson’s medications. Beyond that, there’s a significant amount of evidence to support the direct healing influence CBD can have on Parkinson’s disease.

How CBD Oil Works

The results of CBD treatment for Parkinson’s may be broadly positive, but the jury is still out on how correctly it works. Scientists tend to fall into a few favored camps of thought on the matter. Some conclude that cannabinoids assist the damaged neurons responsible for Parkinson’s. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the lifespan of a cell, so it stands to reason that CBD’s regulation of endocannabinoid deficiencies might also be protecting neurons from significant damage. CBD’s effectiveness also suggests that the brain’s basal ganglia are where healing takes place. This area of the brain is, after all, where Parkinson’s originates, and it’s full of cannabinoid receptors.

Taking CBD in oil or concentrate form presents many advantages for Parkinson’s patients. First and foremost, it’s the most readily available form of CBD treatment. Secondly, it’s arguably the most natural CBD medicine to administer. If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s, CBD oil might be the perfect next step.

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