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Parkinson Patient Discusses How Marijuana Helps

Parkinson patient uses marijuana to cope with his symptoms

Video Credit: TBCtv

A medical doctor may not prescribe let alone recommend marijuana for chronic health conditions yet a vast number of people do benefit from its use this video hosts David who is a person living with Parkinson’s disease let’s hear what he has to say about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. David has Parkinson’s and uses the marijuana for a particular one of the things that shows up from the Parkinson’s.

David has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for 7 years but has been using medical cannabis treatment for about a year and a half. The condition that he used medical cannabis for came upon him two years ago, where he didn’t receive treatment for 6 months.

David states that “I used the marijuana for a very specific symptom that shows up from the Parkinson’s exhibit so I use it just for that which helps me sleep and then carries on back into aiding me and my fight against Parkinson’s”.

David explains the details of his condition. Parkinson’s reduces the ability to control muscles and one of the ways that you lose control is they start to spasm, like contractions that you can’t really control. Especially at night time trying to get to sleep, these spasms will keep you awake.

David states that medical marijuana helps him to get a good nights sleep, which is one of the critical elements to aiding him to fight against Parkinson’s Disease. David was smoking cannabis, however, he left as though he was choking to death. So he looked at other alternatives. This was when he discovered edibles. He got brownies infused with cannabis and he said: “it worked pretty well the first time”. David has been using this method for a year and a half now. David states that pharmaceutical treatments had some effect.

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