New Jersey Approves Medical Marijuana For Parkinson’s Disease

New Jersey approves Medical Marijuana for PD

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The state of New Jersey has approved the usage of cannabis for medicinal purposes including the relief of chronic pain. As such, it could help to calm certain symptoms that Parkinson’s disease can bring with it. The registry includes an estimation of up to 500 different doctors and will now discontinue the practice.

How Could Marijuana Relieve Parkinson’s?

Modern medicine addresses Parkinson’s as a reductionistic phenomenon. This means that the complexities of the disease have been analyzed and then reduced to the precise biological explanation of the occurrence. Illnesses such as Parkinson’s is a Neurodegeneration disorder which affects the loss and death of functional neurons to the brain. Some of those who have chosen to take medicinal marijuana to help alleviate their pain have reported with mixed reviews. In these few available studies that have been recorded, symptoms such as: tremors, central pain syndromes, lack of motion control and muscle rigidity all seemed to have been improved with the use of cannabis. However, there were also reports of it having little to no effect. Many sectors are still being discussed with the use of medicinal cannabis, however, and there are still studies that need to be done in order to fully confirm its benefits.

Alternatively, medicine such as naturopathy and acupuncture are available. These methods seek to approach health and healing by educating patients on the dynamic inter-connectivity of the whole body. For example, wellness is promoted through lifestyle changes such as the use of herbs, improved diet, massage, and joint manipulation. Pseudoscientific practices are categorized as natural, empowering and by promoting self-care.

If you are considering using any of our methods as described above, please do seek a medical professional and their advice. It’s important to seek medical attention and advise due to cannabis dosing methods and to avoid breaking the law.

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