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Interesting New Role for Cannabis in Parkinson’s Disease

Cannabis and its role in treating Parkinson's Disease

Video Credit: Christian Hageseth

Christian Hageseth had been looking into the role that cannabis can play on Parkinson’s disease. He carried out a video with a couple who had visited a medical dispensary for their first time, and what surprised him, was that the couple had told him that cannabis oil treatment worked.

Christian introduces Jerry and Patsy. Patsy suffers from Parkinson’s disease for the last 28 years. Three months ago, Christian had recommended them to visit a medical marijuana shop so that Patsy could start cannabis oil treatment.

The Different Cannabis Products for Parkinson’s Disease

Patsy describes each product that she has been using and the different benefits for each. She uses one cream which contains THC that you rub in topically and she admits that it relieves pain for up to 2 or 3 hours.

Patsy is very anxious, the majority of the time and her husband Jerry said that by using the calming cream a few times a day that Patsy benefits up to 3 hours a day by using it and it only takes a half an hour for it to activate. She also takes CBD gum, which Patsy says makes her sleepy, so she takes it around bedtime because the benefits of the gum help her go to sleep in a calmer state.

Patsy has also tried edible cannabis but felt as it was too much, maybe because the dosage was too strong and unpredictable as it had overwhelmed her system because it wasn’t regulated.

Christian Hageseth Reaction to Patsy’s Treatment

Christian Hageseth says that it was interesting to see Patsy’s benefits from using topical cannabis, and that cannabis helps relaxation and pain relief. “So this gives us a little more information about how we might alter our thinking about if there is a role and what that role is us in the treatment of Parkinson’s”.

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