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CBD Oil and Parkinson’s

Larry tries CBD Oil for his Parkinson's

Credit: Max De Paola

Larry, who is a Parkinson’s patient and suffers with severe dyskinesia, takes CBD oil for the very first time. Larry suffers with tremors, loss of voice and uncontrollable movements due to Parkinson’s and dyskinesia.

He was recommend cannabis oil by a fellow Parkinson’s patient and cannabis oil advocate, who came over to help and instruct him on how to use cannabis oil. Larry was suggested to take only one drop of cannabis oil under his tongue and to rub it in his cheek. He was told not to take too much, as he may fall asleep, to relax and to avoid communication, and after just 3 minutes, he showed no symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The dyskinesia left, and he gained his voice back.

Larry was totally overwhelmed by the effects and started to sing, and asked to grab some lunch. After feeling better in himself, he starts to wonder why he, and other people with Parkinson’s and/or dyskinesia aren’t entitled to cannabis oil.

It angers Larry and frustrates him knowing that there is medicine that proves to be beneficial to conditions like his, yet is unable to have access to it due to the fact that it is illegal in his home state.

Larry wants people to see the potential CBD oil has on people like him, so that others who have little to no knowledge will have a better understanding.

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