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Cannabis Research in Parkinson’s

Parkinson's disease and cannabis research

Video by: Parkinson’s UK

Looking at the effects of cannabis in Parkinson’s cannabis extract contains lots of chemicals and most of these sort of directed research is focused on two main components which is THC and cannabidiol.

THC’s Effect in treating Parkinson’s Disease

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. In simpler terms, it is the compound that will give you high or SaLuSa nations. Obviously that’s not a desired effect and if you take THC in combination with cannabidiol (CBD), CBD reduces the effects of cannabis to some extent.

There is a study that used an extract of THC and cannabidiol together in a capsule form to see whether there was any benefit to dyskinesia. Unfortunately it didn’t show there was any benefit at all for dyskinesia. Experts asked patients whether they felt better in terms of other symptoms, and while negative results were shown.

THC and cannabidiol together might be a benefit for sleep or pain and those are aspects that we’re hoping to explore more there are also possible neuroprotective benefits of cannabis. In the lab work that experts have done, they looked particularly at THC. THC had shown that it has protected nerve cells from dying in our cell culture model.

What Does the Future Look like for Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

Experts hope to build on this discovery in animal models. It seems to work on particular pathways which they know are important in Parkinson’s so THC can rescue mitochondria which are the engine houses of the self protect them from being damaged and it also a pathway which is known as the PDC 1-alpha pathway which they know is important.

The work They’ve done to date has been in cell culture models they need to replicate that work in animal models of Parkinson’s and so it’s still a long way off from trialing it’s in the in the clinic but it does show potential promise.

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