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Causes of Muscle Spasms in My Back – How Cannabis Can Help

How Cannabis Can Help Muscle Spasms

When you are enjoying a good night rest and suddenly experience a jolt of paralysis-like immobility in your back, even minor movements may hurt. The excruciating pain disturbs it your sleep. Even while enjoying your morning jog, a sudden pain can strike. This excruciating pain decreases your abilities and motivation. Why do these sudden painful cramps happen? What medications can you use to soothe the pain? Can medical cannabis help treat your muscle spasmsMuscle Spasms What They Are and How They Occur

Muscle spasms or cramps are involuntary and sudden contractions that often occur after exercises or during the night. You can experience a mild to excruciating pain and paralysis-like immobility on certain parts of your body. You usually can feel a cramp in the following parts of your body:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Feet

A spasm, whether back or neck pain, is due to the excessive strain on your muscle from a sports injury or activities that require heavy lifting. Fatigue and dehydration commonly cause contractions in your skeletal muscles. Dehydration leads to reduced blood flow which can lead to cramps.

Cramps occur abruptly. They can be as short-term as a minute or as long as an hour. They can usually be relieved by stretching the muscles, drinking water, and increasing your potassium intake. If the affected area is experiencing pain for more than 20 minutes, you may want to seek pain relief.

Causes of Back Spasms

A cramp in your back is either the result of injuries to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments or related to a more severe medical condition. If you have a weak abdominal muscle, this may result in the vulnerability of your back muscles. Back spasms can be caused by activities that require excessive strain to your back muscles such as heavy lifting, football, and golf.

You may experience muscle spasms as a result of your medical history. A back spasm can also be caused by poor posture. They can also appear during pregnancy, as you need your back muscles to support the weight of the baby. A back spasm can also occur if you have arthritis. Arthritis in your lower back muscles can put a strain on your spine. A herniated disc in your spinal cord may lead to nerve pressure in your back.

What Is Cannabis and How Can It Help with Back Spasms

Cannabis is a controversial plant due to its psychoactive properties. If you are using medical cannabis with a high potency of THC, you may experience the feeling of being “high.” However, for some, this is a worthy side effect if it able help you with back spasms.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is another compound found in the cannabis plant, particularly the hemp plant. CBD affects your endocannabinoid system (ECS) without psychoactive properties. The CBD influences the endocannabinoid system to produce more natural endocannabinoids.

Medical cannabis has an anti-inflammatory property. This can help with your pain whether it is a muscle spasm or even a chronic illness. Thanks to its pain-killing property, it can be used to improve the symptoms you are suffering from back cramps. Medical cannabis helps by reducing the inflammation that causes cramps.

The best method is through using a cannabis topical cream. This way the benefits are localized to the affected area. You apply the cannabis cream to your affected area as soon as the pain begins.

Another reason cannabis cream is ideal is that it will not get you high. In order to experience the psychoactive effects, medical cannabis needs to be ingested or smoked. Medical cannabis can’t cure the causes of a muscle spasm. It can, however, soothe the pain and prevent further seizures caused by inflammation.

Is Medical Marijuana Better Than over the Counter Medicines?

Most medicines have their own side effects, including muscle relaxants and pain relievers. Antispasmodics and antispastics are over the counter medicines that are commonly used for muscle spasms. Antispasmodics works for occasional spasms. They work with a sedative effect that blocks your nerves from conveying pain signals to your brain. Antispasmodics have many side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Lower blood pressure when standing
  • Orange or reddish to purple urine

Antispasmodics medicines including:

  • Metaxalone/li>
  • Aspirin/li>
  • Tizanidine/li>
  • Methocarbamol

You should not use an antispastic for general spasms. They only work for spasticity. Spasticity is marked by long-term muscle contractions caused by injuries in the spine or the back. Common over the counter antispastic medicine can cause drowsiness, weakness, and fatigue.

Medical cannabis only has minor side effects such as dry mouth, lightheadedness, and a small drop in blood pressure. All of which are caused by higher dosage of cannabis and can be fixed with a smaller dosage. The side effects of medical cannabis can also be quickly resolved by either drinking a cup of coffee or tea. They decrease with use.

A spasm is painful and can cause interference with our work, school, and or sleep. If you use certain over the counter medicine, you may suffer from side effects and even withdrawal. They can cause even greater pain in the future. Muscle cramps are sudden and inevitable because we always use our muscles.

However, we are best equipped with the knowledge to know how to treat the pain caused by spasms. Even though medical cannabis can be excellent alternative medicine, some states still haven’t legalized its use. Many countries also mark the drug as illegal.

Avoid dehydration and always stretch your muscle before doing any muscle-related activities. This can help prevent muscle cramps. You should not overburden your muscles. Proper rest and exercise can help prevent muscle spasms. You can apply moist heat to soothe minor spasms. Chronic spasms may require physical therapy.

Although medical cannabis is a better alternative medicine for back spasms, you should still consult your doctor before purchasing medical cannabis. You must first know if your state or nation allows the use of medical marijuana. Moreover, you will require a doctor’s prescription before using medical cannabis. Without spasms, you can finally get a good night’s rest.

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