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Pain, Muscle Spasticity and Cannabis: Ashley Weber

Cannabis for pain and muscle spasms

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By: CannabisPatientNet

In December of 2012 this patient received a certified letter and it was for the termination notice saying that he perhaps he was marijuana on the premises of a section 8 housing and so once he got the termination letter he had to submit paperwork within 10 days saying that he can test to their to their termination what is your injury he broke c1 c4 c5 and exploded c6 and I’m going to consider it a tetraplegic because he have use of his arms but not you said his hands but he quadriplegic.

He began taking cannabis and says it helps with his neck pain it helps with his mind it helps it helps me be a better mom helps me focus long the things that needs to be and his spasticity is gone and when that’s gone he have more energy to to put towards what myself for his son to keep up with him everywhere energy to keep up with him he had gotten his red card by a doctor after being recommended cannabis for his medicine and it works way better than payment the pain medicine prescribed by his doctor so after he got his red card he felt that you know he was legal it was legal in the state and it did come out of pocket it wasn’t paid by his insurance company like his other narcotics are and so they say to put every every medical receipt and everything that you pay out of pocket in your receipts so he turned them in and he wasn’t thinking he don’t you turned in your for your campus medication along with your other receiver yeah he turned in his cannabis receipts along with all of his medication receipts and that’s when they have reason to believe that he was using marijuana on the premises so that’s why he received a termination notice so they were going to come and kick you out of your home yes so um he got a hold of the executive director there at the housing authority and you know he told me that they would just proceed just to proceed as as he was doing before and that they were so working on this we could name them random just released by the Department of Justice with saying that it was a case-by-case situation with the housing authority regarding medical marijuana since it was still federally illegal.

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