Need Pain Relief? CBD May Be Your Answer

Inflamed Cells and Medical Marijuana

It’s no fun being in large amounts of pain. And, a lot of pain relievers out there aren’t good for our health. Read on to learn why you should us CBD for pain. The general public support for legalizing cannabis is higher than ever. The stigma against cannabis is beginning to quickly disappear as more people are learning the truths about the medical properties this herb holds.

This is especially good news for people who are looking to find a new kind of cure for their pain. CBD-rich cannabis provides a lot of relief to different types of pain, whether it’s something like a headache or even pain caused by cancer treatment. Using CBD for pain relief can be a better alternative when compared to regular medicine. We’ll take a look together at all of the reasons why many patients prefer CBD.

How CBD Can Work

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a compound found in cannabis. When a person feels pain, certain receptors are triggered by the brain. CBD helps to reduce the severity in which we feel the pain caused by these receptors. Because of this, using CBD for pain relief is definitely a viable option. CBD also helps to reduce inflammation caused by injuries or other conditions that result in pain. There is muscle relaxant property of medical cannabis which goes a long way in relaxing muscles tense from pain. This kind of relaxation can lessen the symptoms of pain.

CBD has been shown to lessen other pain-related symptoms, such as anxiety or depression. The more CBD found within the cannabis, the stronger the resulting pain-relieving effect. When looking for a particular product, make certain to search for strains that have been grown with a high amount of CBD. You can find all three types of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids) with varying strengths of CBD. As each type has it’s own benefits and effects, you can mix and match CBD content with these types to suit your specific needs.

Sativa – Of the two types of medical cannabis, Sativa is generally known for giving a patient an uplifting effect. It can give you a burst of energy that you may not otherwise feel when dealing with chronic pain symptoms. Sativa helps you to feel at ease and is used to help fight against depression. It also is known to help give you focus and creativity. If you want to use CBD for pain and wish to have extra energy as well, then going with Sativa is the best choice.

Indica – On the other hand, Indica tends to slow you down. It is the strain that is best for relaxing the body and muscles, letting you feel relief from any spasms or over-exertion. Indica is often used by those who suffer from insomnia, as the incredible muscle-relaxation helps bring about a comfortable sleep. This is good news for people with chronic pain, as patients are able to get the sleep they need instead of being kept up all night due to their symptoms.

It’s also good to reduce the problems caused by anxiety or too much stress. When it comes to CBD for pain relief, Indica is perhaps the one you should look to trying first.

Hybrid – Hybrids are best when you are looking for a mix of the two types listed above. The best part about hybrids is that they let you specifically choose the effects you want. Instead of only getting the benefits of Indica, for example, you could have a 50/50 split between both Indica and Sativa. Or you could have more Indica to the amount of Sativa, such as 70/30. With hybrids, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The important thing you should always look for in your medical cannabis it the concentration of CBD.

Using CBD for pain relief isn’t just about the way it helps us manage pain. It’s also a better option than most prescribed pain medication. Most chronic pain patients are given harsh medication to deal with their symptoms. Opioid medication is perhaps the worst one of all. Although it can help with relieving pain symptoms, it is also deadly. It is highly addicting and the chances of accidentally overdosing are very high.

This kind of addiction can ruin lives and is incredibly difficult for a patient to rid themselves of. Many patients are beginning to turn towards CBD as a better alternative to these kinds of prescription medication. Medical cannabis doesn’t have the risk of overdosing, and it is not addicting.

Benefits of CBD Application

There are many types of cannabis products and ways to take in CBD. Each one has its own benefits for pain when compared to the others.

Oil – Topical application is perhaps the best way to use CBD for pain relief. This kind of oil has been infused with the cannabis, making it a concentrated dosage of CBD. When applied to the skin, you get the effects of the CBD and the pain relief without the “high” feeling. CBD permeates easily into skin, whereas THC does not. This makes cannabis oil great for muscle aches and pains. The effects of medical cannabis react quicker and more localized to the problematic area when absorbed by the skin. This makes it better for pain relief when compared with other methods, which can sometimes take hours to begin affecting a patient throughout their whole body.

It is also a good choice for anyone new to cannabis use and doesn’t like the idea of smoking.

Inhalation – This is the method that most people associate cannabis usage with. It can be a little daunting for new patients, especially as there is still a stigma against cannabis smoking in general.

However, this method is still effective for pain management. The main difference is that it will affect the entire body instead of being pin-point accurate. It can also take some time for a patient to begin feeling the effects, rather than being nearly instantaneous. Smoking can be a health concern for many patients. Although smoking cannabis is not nearly as detrimental as ordinary cigarettes, it’s still a health concern. Because of this, some patients prefer to look to other methods for their pain-relieving needs.

Edibles – Ingesting CBD for pain relief is another slower method, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to hours before you begin to feel the effects. However, the benefit of edible cannabis is the fact that it gives a much slower burn.

Depending on the strength of the dosage, you could ingest your medical cannabis and still feel the effects the next day. This is because the CBD will be inside your digestive tract much longer, giving you the effects for a lasting time. However, edibles make it difficult to get a proper dosage. It’s often easy to have too little cannabis in the mix to actually feel any effects at all. It’s also easy for a person to eat too much and begin to feel nauseous.

A good rule of thumb for edible medical cannabis is to start slow and small. Better to start off not feeling much of anything and upping the dosage than to take too much in the beginning and potentially make your symptoms worse.

Symptoms That Can Be Treated with CBD

There are many different symptoms that can be treated with the help of CBD. From anxiety and depression to muscle spasms and more. Pain management, however, is where CBD shines.

Headaches – Headaches can range from small to severe. Using CBD for pain relief means that it can help with all of them. Even something as severe as a migraine can be greatly lessened with the help of medical cannabis.

Muscle Aches – Muscle aches are another symptom that CBD works well against. Especially if you use something topical like cannabis oil. The CBD can seep right into the skin and get to the underlying muscles and provide relief nearly instantly. Alternatively, smoking or ingesting cannabis will do the same thing, but more slowly.

Insomnia – Because cannabis can help to relax your body and your mind, many patients find that they can get a better night’s sleep while using CBD for pain relief. They no longer find their sleep interrupted by painful sensations.

Inflammation – Cannabis helps to bring down swelling and inflammation, giving patients relief from conditions that often cause these symptoms. Even inflammation caused by overexertion of the muscles can find relief with the help of CBD.

Cancer Treatment – Undergoing the treatment for cancer has a lot of terrible side-effects for patients. CBD can help against any pain or nausea caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, giving some much-needed relief.

Arthritis – Using CBD for pain caused by arthritis is another option. Not only will CBD help rid your joints of the pain caused by this condition, but it can also help to relax the muscles and joints to make dealing with the condition easier.

Chronic Pain – Because CBD isn’t nearly as harmful as opioid medication, you can take it often and frequently for any kind of chronic pain you might suffer from. There’s no real risk of overdosing on CBD, and you get the same kind of relief as the more harmful medications.

Using CBD for Pain Gives You the Relief You Need

If you’ve been searching for a pain reliever that has more benefits than side-effects, medical cannabis could be the answer. It’s a product that can help multiple different pain symptoms while giving you other benefits at the same time. There’s no reason for you to have to suffer without help. Speak to a medical professional about the possibilities of you taking medical CBD-rich cannabis to aid you in your pain.b The effects will help change your life.

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