Medical Marijuana for Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)

Neuropath pain (nerve pain) medical marijuana

In the UK, 26% of people with diabetes were found to have neuropathic pain. Worldwide, this figure translates to 47 million people. Image Credit: By chubphong on Shutterstock

Video Credit: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Patel, a medical marijuana & CBD Oil expert. In this video, she talks about medical marijuana and nerve damage. She also runs through a step by step guide in helping you treating nerve pain with the use of medical marijuana.

What is Neuropathy? Is It The Same as Carpal Tunnel?

Neuropathy which is also known as nerve pain is a condition caused by nerve damage. It causes patients to experience chronic pain. Robert of Mill Valley, CA is one of those patients. He’s battling Neuropathy caused by his Diabetes. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by neuropathy. It is more common among females than it is in males.

In severe cases, carpal tunnel syndrome results in extreme pain due to extreme damage to the bone structure and soft tissues. There are very few medical treatments available for carpal tunnel syndrome. Many people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome don’t find any relief from conventional medicines.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Neuropathy?

Inflammation in carpal ligaments is responsible for the pain experienced by those with carpal tunnel syndrome. Cannabis has long been used to treat a variety of chronic neuropathic pain conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome. Cannabis, whether by ingesting it orally or by applying topically, can definitely address the pain and inflammation caused by carpal tunnel syndrome without any of the harmful side effects.

If you wish to use medical marijuana for treating a medical condition like neuropathy, it’s best that you consult your doctor or any other medical expert. They will be able to promote and guide you on the best medical marijuana treatment for you. Check your laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis plant in your state/country.

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