Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain – Pros vs Cons

Pros and cons on medical cannabis chronic pain

While studies indicate that cannabis has many pros for treating chronic pain, surely it comes along with some cons too. ImageCredit: rawpixel on Shutterstock

Cannabis has been used to treat chronic pain for centuries, historians and anthropologists say. However, throughout the 20th century the plant was prohibited across the world and vilified by governments. As a result, today most people continue to associate it with substance abuse and addiction.

This appears to be changing though. In more recent years, researchers have begun to delve into the possible benefits of cannabis for the body. The media have reported the many strides made in medical cannabis research, and the advent of social media has meant that claims made by patients regarding the effects of cannabis on pain have spread like wildfire.

These events have led to a palpable shift in attitudes towards medical cannabis across America and farther afield. Canada has legalized the drug for medicinal use and is set to legalize it for recreational use too. And a number of American states have recently followed suit.

This change has led to even more people using medical cannabis to treat their chronic pain. The number of people suffering with this condition in the United States is thought to be around 50 million.

While those using medical cannabis to ease their condition continue to spread the word that it works, medical researchers have been investigating the chemical and biological effects and have produced some very interesting findings, and their not all positive as some people would claim.

The Pros and Cons of Medical Cannabis

For those who are suffering with chronic pain, or any other condition for that matter, and are considering using medical cannabis as a treatment, it is vital that they make an informed decision with all of the facts at hand.

The Pros

  1. A great many studies have shown that medical cannabis can, in fact, be highly effective at reducing the levels of pain experienced by patients.
  2. These studies indicate that the plant appears to cause less side effects than conventional pain medications do.
  3. Researchers also say that medical cannabis can relieve depression, which tends to come hand in hand with chronic pain conditions.

The Cons

  1. Some studies have shown that medical cannabis could cause anxiety in some patients, and possibly even induce schizophrenia in others who are genetically susceptible to the condition.
  2. The long-term side effects of the drug are unknown, although are believed to be negligent.
  3. While the number of states who are legalizing medical cannabis is growing, under federal law cannabis still remains as Schedule 1. substance, making it as heavily prohibited as heroin.

Of course, this is a brief summary of the pros and cons of medical cannabis today, and anyone who is strongly considering using the drug as a home treatment for their chronic pain should conduct their own in-depth research using only credible and unbiased resources.

Cannabis isn’t the miracle medicine that many say it is. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a highly effective alternative to current treatment options. The use of this experimental treatment is growing rapidly across all age groups all over the United States, and if patient reports are anything to go by, it looks as though cannabis-based chronic pain treatment is only a matter of time.

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