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How CBD Oil Helped David Wells Manage Pain

David Wells used CBD oil to manage pain

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David Wells endured many injuries over the course of many years from playing 21 seasons, 3’564 endings pitches, 249 wins, 687 games, and 2 world series championships in baseball.

He had sustained 7 serious injuries, many that needed surgery. During many of his surgery’s he wouldn’t receive morphine until after the surgery. In some cases, David was only given ibuprofen to help with the aftermath. David expressed that he then relied on painkillers as a crutch,90% of the time, whether he was pitching or depending on what he was doing for the weekend.

As a result, he started going into the black market because the doctor wasn’t going to prescribe him Vicodin Percocet and tora, which he continued to use as well as the use of prescription painkillers up until he retired from baseball altogether.

David Wells Reitrement

After he retired, he watched something called CBD oil, that helped a girl overcome chronic seizures. He then tried to get CBD, and found out from a friend that he had some, so David said that he would try it and used it on a regular basis. From taking CBD and having a substantial interest and such a big believer in the therapeutic benefits of the product he invested in a CBD company.

When he took CBD for the first time, he thought that he was going to get high, which he couldn’t count on. 20 minutes after taking his first dose, he didn’t get high, later that night, he took another dose and claimed that he had one of the best night sleeps of his life. David only hopes that major sports leagues are going to change their drug policy and allow CBD, he thinks it’s unlikely but wants them to at least research and understand the value of it instead of “quick fixes”.

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