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A First Experience with CBD for Chronic Pain and Limited Mobility

First Experience with CBD for Chronic Pain and Limited Mobility

Original video title: First Experience with Hemp Derived CBD for Chronic Pain in Back and Limited Mobility

Credit: Baltimore Progressive Compassionate Care

Carol has been suffering from chronic pain for several years. In the early 90’s Carol had been suffering from really bad back problems. She had surgery, but still had back problems, back pain, and limited mobility. She felt that it was something that she was always going to have to deal with because she wasn’t a candidate for painkillers. Later in life, she started to develop thyroid problems, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Her energy was totally depleted. Carol felt that she was committed to her bed more than she was her family.

Later, Carol suffered a bike accident, where she experienced trauma to both wrists, both shoulders, chest, whiplash, and concussion. All of this pain has been going on since April 2016. Also, back in 1991, just after Carol’s daughter was born, Carol was diagnosed with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (IBD) is an inflammatory bowel disease. Which causes inflamed ulcers in the digestive tract. Pain treatment for her lead to bad reactions like an outbreak of rashes and gaining a lot of weight.

Carol came across CBD oil, when her husband came to Dr. Wang, in relation to using CBD oil for the treatment of his shoulder pain. Carol’s husband wasn’t able to lift his arm past his shoulder, and since taking CBD oil, Carol noticed him in the kitchen one day, and he had taken a coffee cup from a high cupboard, and Carol was shocked to see that he was able to achieve this. Carol’s husband suggested that she should try some of his CBD oil.

Carol said

“I tested it myself. Years of pain went away within 20 minutes, and I’m like pinching myself. This is an epiphany. I have life, I feel, the clarity oh my goodness, when we left here the other day and I dip my oil in the car before driving down the road, the clarity of me driving..I wasn’t an anxious, I wasn’t worried about the next person pulling out anymore, like I have a better sense of my being around me”.

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