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Dr. Jake Felice – Cannabis Helps Folks on Opiate Painkillers

Cannabis Helps Folks on Opiate Painkillers

Credit: Dr. Jake Felice

Dr. Jake Felice is a social media expert and a charismatic public speaker on the topic of medical cannabis. He specializes in the improvement of human performance and the treatment of chronic pain through the use of the cannabis plant.

Dr. Jake Felice believes that more and more people are suffering in the west, due to the aging of our population, resulting in a higher percentage of people suffering from chronic pain, which then leads to painkillers and opiate usage. Due to this, this has increased the percentage of opiate-related deaths, but Dr. Felice believes that medical cannabis can help balance out opiate usage.

Cannabis is a medicine that not only helps the opiate drugs work to combat even more pain relief, but it also helps patients reduce their use of opiate medications too, therefore leaving it more difficult for people accidentally overdosing. Dr. Jake Felice believes that marijuana is the most nontoxic medicine that he knows of.

Dr. Felice states,

“One of the really good reasons that opiates and cannabis work so well together, is that our endocannabinoid system is present throughout all of our body. Throughout the nervous system, and throughout our immune systems which are the systems governing pain and inflammation, except for one area in the brainstem which controls both heart rate and breathing, cannabis has very few receptors, so no matter how much cannabis we give somebody, it doesn’t turn off their breathing, it doesn’t stop their heart because of this it works very well with opiate medications”.

It is also said that people are afraid to turn to the use of cannabis due to the psychoactive tendencies it has, but Dr. Felice says that people can use cannabis as a treatment, without experiencing some sort of high. Patients are given forms of cannabis that are very high in CBD – cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound to the cannabis plant. There are also low psychoactive ways to using cannabis, which can be used on patients where their chronic pain needs more control, this comes with recommended doses, for example, 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

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