Chronic Back Pain and Cannabis: Kevin Ameling of Colorado 2013

Kevin Ameling and cannabis in Colorado 2013

Cannabis was Kevin Ameling's last choice. since pharmaceuticals failed him. Image Credit: Shamim Nakhaei on Unsplash

By: CannabisPatientNet

While moving a coach Kevin feel and hurt his back at that time it was called acute back injuries. Kevin never experiencing a pain like that evre in his life was concerned. Treating him with standard pharmaceutical medicine the pain would still not go away. his pain that would not go away was called nerve pain.kebins fall caused a injury to the L2 and L# level which makes his pain go straight to the groin. Sciatica is very similar that people get and is common with disc degeneration. The pain level would increase his nausea. Taking all the pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed like muscle relaxers would work for a short period of the time.

His primary care physician who was opened minded suggested that his medically prescribed medicine it not working than he should try medical cannabis. Kevin realized being on all the pharmaceutical drugs was making his mind clouded and was having trouble focusing which was hard dince his job was Professional professional in risk management at Charles Schwab so he had to be on his best game and the pain was not helping. Finding a doctor that prescribe medical marijuana was great. He was introduced to proper doses of cannabinoids. Liking the indica plant because it brings you down and takes away the pain, also trying sativa form he realized it increased his pain and did not like it. Moving on to edible which is kevin’s favorite and will not turn back, has been the best medicine he has taken to cure his pain and wishes others would try.

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