Could CBD Tincture Be a Good Painkiller?

CBD Tincture acts like a painkiller

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By: canada4cannabis

A young girl explains from the comfort of her own home the benefits of using Cannabidiol (CBD) as well as how to make a CBD tincture. To kick things off she actually takes a full dab hit of CBD. She then begins to talk about how many people may not want to smoke or dab or vape or apply CBD topically, and so they can enjoy applying CBD through a tincture. She is quick to point out that while THC gets you high, CBD relaxes your muscles and eases pain without the “high” effect, eschewed by so many. She tells us that the first thing one must do in the search to prepare the best CBD tincture, is to secure a CBD isolate either online or from somebody you trust.

This isolate is in powder form and is what will be used to mix small amounts into whatever carrier is desired. She recommends a fast absorbing oil called MCT oil. While making this oil right in front of the audience, she actually includes two cut scenes that are close-ups of the CBD isolate and she shows herself working with it. This is pretty cool and certainly enhances the quality of her video. Shel is using CBD for her jaw pain specifically, and administers the oil on camera. She states that her pain is lessened and that she will also be using it for headaches, sleep aid, and menstrual pain.

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