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Pain is something that we have all experienced. Whether it’s from an injury, a headache, joint problems or carpal tunnel. Pain is characterized by an unpleasant sensation and experience where damage occurs on the human body.

Pain can be divided into mild, moderate and severe categories. The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) sate that 11.2% – 25.3% million American adults have experienced pain every day for the past three months. The American Academy of Pain Medicine states that the most common pain conditions are headaches, back pain, and arthritis.

The sensation of pain is so common, and is one of the main reasons for a decrease in workflow and productivity (workers lost 4.6 hours per week of being productive due to pain), not to mention debilitating. Unfortunately, pain is still something that we don’t know all that much about. While we can treat the symptoms of pain, we can’t cure it.

Common medications such as painkillers can be used for pain management. For more extreme cases of pain, morphine and other opioid based drugs can be used. cannabisMD and our team aim to provide you with a web-based library containing countless amounts of accurate information of pain, its causes, factors and treatments.

Our aim is to provide you with material about the alternative, organic and safe treatments, whilst highlighting methods that could potentially help manage pain. Out of these possible treatments is CBD oil – a cannabinoid based oil which can be obtained from the cannabis or hemp plant. In these articles we discuss many ailments for those experiencing pain, whether that be physical or mental, and methods that you could use to potentially help better deal with your pain.