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A Patient’s Experience with Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana

Tracey - Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana

By: Medical Marijuana 411

Multiple Sclerosis is disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, in the central nervous (CNS). The condition involves excessive nerve damage that impairs communication between the body and overall body. Neural signaling pathways become virtually blocked.

The above video starts by introducing a patient named Tracy. She opens up about her daily struggles with having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She has suffered with MS for over 40 years, since 1974. However, she was not properly diagnosed until 1996. She suffers the severe pain from the illness. Not only does medical marijuana take her physical pain away, it also helps her with her mental stress and strain on the body.

Medical Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis

Now at the age 51, she has started the use medical marijuana. Since she started using marijuana, Tracy finally feels like she has a normal body for a little while. She says it’s an essential freedom. Medical marijuana releases tension.

It has offered great results for her bladder issues. She is finally able to relax her body’s muscles and energy. She is able to use the restroom like a “normal person.” She says she no longer takes something even as simple as urination for granted. Everyday Tracy wakes up washes her face and wishes for the best. Marijuana has been the only medicine that has shown results for Tracy. She feels free from the pain that bound her.

Tracy has been prescribed a lot of pharmaceutical prescription which have more adverse effects. They do not offer the same relief medical marijuana does. However, she is still continuing a regiment of conventional pharmaceuticals along her marijuana therapy, to slow the progression of her MS. She says medical marijuana makes her feel comfortable in her own skin.

If you’re interested in the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana, you should consult your local laws to assure you do not partake in illegal activity. You should also consult your doctor are a medical professional before changing your treatment plan.

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