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Strains of Medical Marijuana to Potentially Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Strains of marijuana for treating MS

Medical marijuana use for the treatment of multiple sclerosis is becoming more common by the day. As medical science advances and our understanding of how marijuana can effect this chronic condition improves, increasing numbers of patients are choosing to harness the benefits of the drug for their own health and wellness.

Studies have shown that medical marijuana can help lessen the severity of a number of multiple sclerosis symptoms. It can loosen and relax rigid muscles, reducing spasticity and pain. It can also help to promote sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

However not all marijuana was created equal. In fact, there are a huge number of different strains of this plant. Many strains have been specifically created with desired effects in mind. For example, some have lower rates of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) and so are suited to patients who want to avoid any psychoactive effects.

If you are someone who suffers with multiple sclerosis and are considering using medical marijuana to treat your symptoms, it’s important that you know which strains of the plant are best for your condition. Including those listed below.

Alaskin Thunder Fuck

Alaskin Thunder Fuck, or ATF, is a popular strain for multiple sclerosis patients. This is because is has a powerful relaxing effect thanks to the high THC content it contains. For this reason, it’s probably best suited to seasoned or experienced marijuana users, or those who don’t mind a strong psychoactive effect. Patients who fall into this category will enjoy vastly reduced levels of stress, depression and anxiety, and a much better night’s sleep.

  • Sativa
  • 19% THC
  • 0.08% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, lack of apetite

Sour diesal

Sour Diesel stands out from other medical marijuana strains because rather than promoting sleep this strain produces bursts of energy. This makes it ideal for patients who suffer from chronic fatigue and low mood, as many with multiple sclerosis do. Again, this plant produces a powerful high so might not be the best choice for a novice user.

  • Sativa
  • 19-25% THC
  • .1-.3% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, pain and fatigue


Another high THC strain, Trainwreck creates a relaxing effect that reduces pain and tension. This strain has a pleasant lemon-like flavor which wont shock beginners, but rather make it quite enjoyable. Many multiple sclerosis patients find the psychoactive effects of this strain of marijuana subtle enough to use throughout the day. This makes it a better choice for patients who are new to the drug.

  • Sativa
  • 12-21% THC
  • .02-.1 CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Stress, depression, pain and fatigue

Super Sour Og

“OG” stands for ocean grown and is used to describe strains which have been cultivated on the coast. Super Sour OG is a fairly mysterious strain of marijuana as its growers keep its ratios and chemical make up top secret. However, what we do know is that it is THC-heavy and is a powerful pain killer as a result.

It’s almost impossible to maintain any focus or concentration after smoking this strain, so not an ideal choice for day-time use. However, many multiple sclerosis patients claim that this strain offers exceptional pain relief, so may be worth using for those who can do so.

  • Hybrid
  • 22-24% THC
  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, inflammation, muscle spasm

Blackberry Rhino

Blackberry Rhino marijuana is an indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain creates a relaxing effect that will release pain and tension from your head to your toes. This makes it especially useful for evening and bedtime use for patients who find it hard to sleep at night due to the physical or mental, or both, symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

  • Indica
  • 21% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • Symptoms Treated – Pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasm

Of course, a patient with multiple sclerosis should never begin treating their condition with medical marijuana without having first spoken to their doctor about it. An experienced medical professional will be able to advise you on the best course of action for you and your treatment, and ensure that your health and wellness are prioritized at all times.

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