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Multiple Sclerosis & Medical Cannabis: Denis Petro MD

Is Medical Cannabis really good for Multiple Sclerosis

There a lot of claims about medical marijuana being positive for different ailments like MS and chronic pain but is it really? Image Credit: Kaique Rocha on Pexels

Video credit: Patients Out of Time

Dr. Petro, MD and drug researcher, who spoke at the 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, talks about the history of medical marijuana use in Multiple Sclerosis.

Two doctors from Penn State University Medical Center Dr. Petro and Dr. Carl Ellenberger carried out a study on 9 patients that looked at the drug Delta 9 THC which is a gelatin capsule because Dr. Petro found that

lots of people would make claims that marijuana was a good thing, good for migraines good for pain, good for spasticity, good for many cases.

During the trial, Dr. Petro took a visit to the FDA, although they initially rejected petro’s request to do the trial, because there was no significant evidence marijuana in fact does benefits people. Dr. Petro stated that he talked to the FDA medical Doctor, and was made clear that he had no understand of the drug.

Petro says that a total of seven studies were carried out on the use of medicinal marijuana, which all prove to have effects on spasticity, which were beneficial to patients, but the government had rejected all studies.

Dr. Petro continues to briefly go through some of the studies in relation to cannabinoids carried out by other people. Most of these studies have failed, so Petro explains why they’ve failed, some where due to the fact that the studies weren’t carried out right, some were due to the fact that they didn’t give a high enough dose.

Overall, back in 2004, Dr. Petro had been trying to get funding to research and study medical marijuana to help MS patients, but has come into problems with the government and FDA, who have made it difficult for him.

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