CBD Oil & Multiple Sclerosis: Montel Williams & Gunver Juul

Montel Williams: A CBD advocate.

A Fox Fan Exclusive interviews Montel Williams about serving his country and the effects of multiple sclerosis has had on his life. Montel has served our country for over 22 years in two different branches, the navy, and the marine corp. Montel went from NBC News, to then go onto hosting his own show, The Montel Williams show for over 17 years.

An Interivew with Montel Williams and an Amputee

In the interview, it shows Montel taking a trip to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the weekend, where he interviewed a fellow soldier that suffered with an amputee from the knee down on his left side. All this soldier could talk about is how he could not wait to get back onto the battlefield or war zone. During active duty Montel started a student program in his free time. His student program consisted of visiting students, talking to them and helping them. He then started a foundation which all the proceeds were going to the schools, where students were given scholarships. His career skyrocketed after he served his country.

Video Credit: foxfan

Montel – His Journey with MS and Cannabis Treatment

During the interview he describes having Multiple Sclerosis and the pain he has been suffering with for over two decades. Montel even wished that he had taken medical cannabis before the interview due to his feet “being on fire” caused by MS. Montel describes the relief he feels the instance he smokes cannabis.

Not a day goes by that he does not think about his disease and how much it has changed his quality of life. Montel is trying to jump out in front of the edge of multiple sclerosis and find more research on medical cannabis as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Without cannabis it’s hard for Montel to deal with the physical manifestation. He is however, more aware that he is a ticking time bomb. Montel states that he is going to continue to try and find new CBD and THC based products (cannabis products) and he hopes to spread the word on medical cannabis.

Gunver Juul Introducing Cannabis Oil to her Patients

Gunver Juul from Denmark works at The School for Holistic BioMedicine, where she educates students on biomedical therapy. While working with a Danish doctor on multiple sclerosis patients in hospitals. They decided to try a new treatment (cannabis oil) for their MS and ALS patients including patients with autoimmune disease since they have had no luck with their pharmaceutical prescriptions. Most of her patients come from some sort of background in Neurology, having no ability to move, being in excruciating pain, all related to the nervous system.

Video Credit: Life With Cannabis

The results have been promising for Gunner’s MS patients using the new cannabis oil, more commonly known as CBD oil. In the interview Gunner describes one of her patients and a man in his mid 50’s being the life and soul of the party until he was struck down by multiple sclerosis. He lost some of his mobility and struggled to get himself out of bed in the morning and has to deal with constant feelings of pain everyday.

When CBD oil was provided to him it made a big difference for him as he was able to walk again after using it for one week. Gunver says she will always prescribe CBD oil or suppositories which goes straight to the nervous system which is best for MS patient and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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