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Cannabis Strains For Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis Strains For Multiple Sclerosis

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This video discusses the topic of using medical cannabis to treat the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through smoking. It highlights the need to understand that although it can work successfully smoking can still causes issues for the patient i.e. lung damage.

The video also highlights that it does not cure MS but only treats the symptoms, Medical cannabis is good for symptom management. Below we discuss this issue further while also providing some detail regarding particular strains of medical cannabis which can be used to treat multiple sclerosis.

One of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis is inflammation that results in extreme pain. The medications suggested by doctors have failed for the majority of the patients, and they continue to cry in pain. The most recognized strain taken by people who have multiple sclerosis is “AK 47”. It contains a good amount of THC, hence, providing the psychoactive properties needed to help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. THC provides body relaxation and makes one feel at peace.

Other Potential Cannabis Strains for MS

White Rhino – People suffering from chronic pain prefer White Rhino the most because of its effectiveness in numbing the body. This is a very heavy strain, so newcomers are supposed to be very careful while taking it.

Strawberry Cough – This strain enhances focus and energy levels thus making one very active for tasks or work that needs to be done immediately.

HarleQuin – It greatly helps with pain resulting from inflammation without getting one very high for it contains minute amounts of THC. Hence, it can help with arthritis or other similar conditions resulting from inflammation.

Blackberry Kush – Blackberry Kush is perfect for people suffering from depression or different forms of anxiety. It can also help in improving sleep pattern.

While the results on cannabis as a potential drug to treat MS, it’s important to note that medical cannabis isn’t legal everywhere. If you wish to use it, check the laws and regulations on cannabis and make sure to consult a medical professional before you begin treatment.

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