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Treating the Symptoms of PTSD with Cannabis – What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know about Treating the Symptoms of PTSD with Cannabis

Credit: Tracy Malone

Tracey Malone interviews two men, Jason and JD who both live and work in Colorado in a dispensary. Jason has been using cannabis to self-medicate to help with his ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Later in life, Jason developed PTSD, (post-traumatic stress disorder) and started to use medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD. Jason says “It’s an amazing plant and it has changed my life forever”.

Jason’s mum used to force his medication for his anxiety and depression, but since Jason was using cannabis as his medication he used to spit the pill out once his mum was out of sight. He states that it’s cannabis that has been able to help him.

Tracey decided to make this video for her audience for educational purposes. She wants her audience who suffer from PTSD to be informed of exactly what you need to know when deciding to take medicinal cannabis.

JD has used cannabis as a form to treat cancer. He firmly believes that he is alive today due to the health benefits cannabis has. JD says “It’s allowing me to continue to heal myself and stay healthy”.

Jason explains the different forms of cannabis. There are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa is the mental physical stimulation, people who are in pain would usually take sativa, especially when starting off their day. Indica is the opposite, where it helps you calm down and sleep, and can be used to take at night time. Indica is great for sufferers of anxiety disorders, and people with PTSD.

Tracey asks Jason and JD if it’s possible to overdose on marijuana. Jason explains that it is medically possible, but it’s not easily achievable. You have to ingest, 400 times your body weight to overdose

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