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CBD Giant Helps a Veteran with PTSD

CBD Giant Helps A Veteran With PTSD

In this video, Omar, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, talks of his struggles with PTSD upon returning home. Having experienced nightmares, flashbacks, and other symptoms for 12 years and being on up to 20 different medications Omar turned to alcohol to cope.

Since then Omar has given up alcohol and has begun using CBD instead of the 11+ pills he was taking daily. At the time of the video, Omar has been taking CBD for 18 months and has noticed a major drop in the medications he has to take. Now, instead of a concoction of painkillers, anxiety pills, and pills to sleep, Omar only uses an asthma inhaler, his diabetes medicine, and CBD.

Discussing how he can definitely notice if he misses taking his CBD tincture, Omar tells of the heightened anxiety, depression, and trouble forming thoughts that result. He also talks of not having to increase his dosage, unlike his other medication. This and the fact that CBD is a natural product are two of the major benefits as seen by Omar.

It is great to see a veteran, so many of whom suffer terribly upon returning home, has found relief and a whole new lease on life.

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