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Bipolar Disorder Marijuana Treatment: OG Strain Review

marijuana strain OG review treatment for bipolar

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By: CupsieMcB

CupsieMcB, a youtube blogger, uploaded the above video. Within it, she recommends medical marijuana strains better suited to bipolar disorder patients. She specifically focuses on strains that help ease her own symptoms.

There is more than just one kind of bipolar disorder. The first is known as bipolar I and comes with long manic phases that last 3-6 months, with often the remainder of the year spent in deep depression. This form of bipolar can have such episodes of extreme mania that hospitalization is required.

The second, which is known as bipolar II, comes with hypomania. Hypomania are short bursts of mania that are more confined to hours or days rather than months. Hypomania can be so mild, however, that bipolar II people are often misdiagnosed with major depressive disorder.

Bipolar is characterized by the swing between two opposing poles. Patients shift from the high energy, narcissism, impulsiveness, or irritability from mania to the lethargy, low self-esteem and, in extreme cases, suicidal ideation of depression.

What Marijuana Strains Work for Bipolar?

What strains CupsieMcB uses she says “vary on her mood.” She does not classify if she is type 1 or type 2 bipolar, but her descriptions sound perhaps hypomanic. Hypomania is associated with bipolar 2. She has intermediate phases she classifies as day-to-day which means she is likely not manic and depressive in sole rotation of mood and emotional state.

When she is “really down and depressed,” she tends to go for sativas. The most common sativa strains she goes for are hazes. She either prefers Super Lemon Haze or Silver Haze. She also like Jack Herer, claiming it makes her happy, euphoric, and giggly.

“On the flipside,” when she is manic, she tends to enjoy blueberry kush, describing it as “tasty.” She says for her mania any type of kush is ideal. She enjoys a “heavy kush” like a Purple Kush or a Bubble Kush.

For general “day-to-day” use, she uses hybrid strains. During her last video, she showed viewers Northern Lights 5. This time she showed them OG Kush, another hybrid strain. OG Kush, she says, smells like lemon.

It makes her feel relaxed, but not so calmed down she loses motivation. This qualifies it as a “nice hybrid” for her. She uses a Cheech oil rig. She again reports the OG Kush is smooth and that you can taste the lemon. She says it has “great flavor.”

Clinical studies are still in infancy and medical cannabis is not FDA approved to treat bipolar. If you are considering using medical marijuana to treat your bipolar disorder, you must first consult your doctor. You must live in a state or country with legalized medical marijuana and your doctor must be in agreement and write you a prescription.

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