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Cannabis and CBD Treating Mental Conditions – Patient Testimony

Behavioral Health Patient Testimonial Cannabis CBDs treating schizophrenia OCD and PTSD

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By: Pwits

Not only does the patient in the video have paranoid schizophrenia, but obsessive-compulsive disorder and PTSD and CBD also treat all these symptoms with (cannabidiols of the cannabis plant).

First time trying CBD he was at the Lowest point in his life. Not only being on pharmaceutical prescription, but they also put him on other drugs he had never heard of before and told him this was his last chance since all the times he has been on every other prescription prescribed. He got to point where he became suicidal and ended up in the crisis unit on the hospital. That hospital also told him since he has been coming so much they could no longer help him. Running out of solution he goes to a psychologist over 25 times they couldn’t figure a way to help him they can’t do anything for you. Never in his life going to a crisis unit has he been told that at this point he did not know what else to do he just want to end it.

Deciding to research for himself on the internet, he found so many sites and released there is so many cannabis. Instead of making a bad decision he did more research on the different strain that could help with his symptoms. In a Yale Medical University Study about CBD, it shows that 21 out of 25 patients take CBD for schizophrenia believe it was very responsive.

I mean it’s going to take at least a month, a month and a half to start working if it does it all for some patients. CBD worked for me within, within an hour. So not only is it a fast relief it is better it organic and natural, with no toxic or reference side effects.

CBD has affected his life by not hearing voices, hallucinations, paranoia, and just being able to function. For years it has affected his jobs and family. Pharmaceutical drugs always gave him an adverse effect, he knows he is better off without them or being unmedicated. It’s probably doing me some good in other ways I just don’t know about.

THC is detrimental for my mental health but CBD is the exact opposite.

I would just say, You know just try it and you don’t have to listen to what you don’t argue before you try it. You kinda have to be proactive and go try CBD’s yourself.

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