It’s Important To Pick The Right Strain For Treating Schizophrenia

Choosing the right strain for your schizophrenia

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OG Kush is internationally recognized and not just in the cannabis world. It is one of the most popular strains.

OG Kush Strain

There is a unanimous agreement over the effectiveness of OG Kush. The ratio of composition constantly remains between 20% and 25%.OG Kush has a thick, indica-like arrangement and has standard to large sized buds. OG is believed to get one high; however, it is more focused on the head than physically. Similar to sativa varieties, with higher doses OG Kush can make users feel fearful.

OG Kush plants, when allowed to grow indoors, can flower within 9 weeks, and they can produce a yield of nearly 45 grams or 1.6 ounces for every square foot. It is usually bested to take the strain, OG Kush during the day or early evening because it is believed to produce uplifting and slightly energizing effects.

Alien Bubb

Following OG Kush, another popular indica having effective sedative effects and a strong herbal flavor is Alien Bubba. Alien Bubba is extremely effective, and hence, people who like heavy indicas need to try it. The ratio of THC in it lies between 15% and 21%. Alien Bubba is generally known for its huge flowers that mostly have a very pointed shape, just like tiny cypress trees. Alien Bubba can get slowly high the smoker.

The nature of the feelings produced talk much about the high coming from Alien Bubba. Rather than an attentive logical mind, it gives the smoker a dull, gloomy state of mind. Therefore, one should be careful enough not to take it before a busy task or before starting off a long, hectic day. As long as the person remains high, he is in a state of complete physical relaxation and in most of the cases is hesitant even to move. The person is believed to be in a state of dreaming.

Amnesia Haze

The name, Amnesia Haze does not do justice to what it is actually capable of. Irrespective of its effectiveness, it is considered to be a sativa-dominant hybrid which implies that it would not result in a majorly messed up memory.

Instead of forgetfulness, it is more likely to encourage inspiration. It is made from Haze, a cross staple strain along with many other global landraces such as Hawaiian, Amnesia, Afghani and Thai haze. The amount of THC in Amnesia Haze stays between 20% to 25%. Newcomers of cannabis might actually want to modify the original dosage of this strain since it has the ability to trigger hysterical mind-race.

When Amnesia Haze is left to grow outside, it essential need a warm temperature that remains constant between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Amnesia Haze plants can also be grown by personal growers through clippings that help produce clones or seed Amnesia Haze, irrespective of the fact that it is rare continues to be one of the most well-known strains in parts that allow for the public cultivation of cannabis

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is discovered as the most commonly used stain in 2015 by the consulting firm BDS Analytics, and this recognition comes with a reason. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and its samples with a concentration of THC between 15% and 25% have been tested. Its buds are small to standard sized and once cured they appear to have the shape of that of popcorn.

The ample trichomes of Blue Dream are mostly very much visible. This means that even though when touched they are sticky, their leaves are not likely to always have a shiny silver look just like other resinous strains. Since they are extremely sticky, it is not possible to break them without making use of a grinder. Blue Dream buds have a somewhat pleasant smell with a clear aroma of grape and berry.

Smokers that are not open about smoking must remain careful since the smell fro Blue Dream is likely to stay for longer. The primarily head focused effects of Blue Dream include a great amount of physical relaxation experienced throughout the body. When Blue Dream is grown indoors, it flowers within 10 weeks and is proven to give a yield of more than 56 grams of flower for every square foot of plant.

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