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Women Try Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis For Period Pain

Women Try Whoopi Goldberg’s Weed For Period Pain

Video Credit: As/Is

In this video, Sam and Lara try Whoopi and Maya’s medical cannabis products. Sam suffers from Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD causes depression, tension, and irritability before menstruation. Lara says that she is in so much pain when she has her period. Lara has Endometriosis, resulting in severe cramps and pain. As Lara says, “ being in pain every day really takes a toll on you.”

The creator of the cannabis product for period pains states that if the product works for you, then tell and friend and if it doesn’t, don’t worry, let us know because we’ll continue to try to create something that may.

PMS and other menstrual conditions are not really talked about that commonly. As Whoopi explains in this video they are seen as a “niche” problem. Half the population suffers from period pains at some point in their lives, very niche. Society just prefers to ignore the subject. Well, hopefully, this video will open up opinions for the better.

Lara begins with the Chocolate spread and describes it as having a built-in heating pad. Sam, however, is able to go one further. While using the chocolate spread she was able to go clothes shopping! I know from past girlfriends that being able to leave the house while PMSing is a huge deal. To couple that with crop tops, wow!

After Sam had experienced Whoopi Goldberg’s cannabis products, she states that these products allowed her to exist.

While sitting here writing all I want to do is jump in my tub after Lara’s description of the bath soak. The tincture in Sam’s morning coffee sounds like a great way to start the day. Reducing her outbursts to only one that day is seen by here a “pretty solid”. Both girls finish with a strong recommendation of the products.

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