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Why You Should Try Cannabis for Period Cramp Relief

Use Cannabis for Period Cramps

Do you struggle with especially painful cramps every month? Don’t give up just hope yet. Here’s why you should try cannabis for period cramp relief. Have you ever had back pain that was so bad you couldn’t get out of bed? For many women, this has nothing to do with the job they have or the level of regular activity they do. Such a discomfort is a sign their period is about to start. Other extreme symptoms include intense cramps, nausea, and even vomiting. Put simply, periods aren’t pretty.

This natural function of the body can cause women to miss work, school, and other important activities. It leaves ladies bedridden for days on end until the flow ends. Women don’t have time for that. If you are one among the many who struggle with this problem, you know exactly how frustrating and painful cramps can be. Maybe, though, you have yet to discover all the ways to fight period pain. Here is a closer look at period symptoms and why cannabis should be part of your period cramp relief regimen.

The Real Pain of Period Cramps

Just as every woman’s body has a different shape and size, one period is not the same as another. Many of the ladies in the latter group suffer from a condition called dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is the mother of all cramps. Women who live with this often experience the most intense of period pains. They get sore in their hips, lower back, or belly area. Many for days on end

Dysmenorrhea also causes an upset stomach to the point of throwing up. On the other hand, some women will lose their appetite completely. Other period symptoms may include extreme tiredness, trouble sleeping, and mood swings. Dysmenorrhea or not, such experiences of fatigue and emotional changes are often referred to as PMSing.

Traditional Forms of Period Cramp Relief

Whatever your condition, your flow, or your period frequency, there is an answer to your pain. No, we aren’t talking about a significant amount of Midol. We know better than to discredit your pain with the suggestion of Advil or Tylenol. Wherever you stand on birth control, understand you don’t need it just for period cramp relief. There is a better way. Find out all about it below.

Cannabis: The All-Natural Answer for Period Cramp Relief

If you have yet to try medical marijuana, you are missing out on one of the best forms of period cramp relief out there. The effects of THC have a multitude of positive results on the body as your period happens. Pain relief is one of them, but there is much more to enjoy when using medical marijuana during your time of the month. The following are the biggest benefits of adding cannabis to your period care routine.

Fight Pain

How exactly does cannabis cure your cramps? It relaxes your muscles to better tolerate what is going on beneath the surface. Some period pain is caused directly from the source – it is a result of your reproductive organs at work. Other pains are felt in the bones and muscles surrounding your reproductive area.

These are the back pain and hip tightness mentioned above. Cannabis can fight them all. It works from the inside out to soothe your physical stresses. The release of THC or CBD in the bloodstream starts to turn things around almost instantly. Plus, it does so without keeping you from taking on your day.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

After accomplishing a big day of work, play, and personal activities, you need to get some rest. Good sleep is hard to accomplish if you are holding your midsection all night due to the pain you’re in. You may also feel groggy or tired the next day if you need a bunch of medicine just to fall asleep. Solve your issues with a little bit of marijuana before you go to bed.

This will keep your cramps at bay long enough to fall asleep and make it through the night. But, it will do so without rolling over into the next day. This means you get the sleep you need when you need it, without missing a beat upon waking up.

Fix Your Appetite

It’s worth mentioning that not all period pain comes in the form of cramps. The toll your time of the month takes on your appetite is a serious issue. Luckily, there are forms of cannabis that can help you whether you don’t want to eat anything or can’t seem to keep even a cracker down. Such effects will vary on the strand you buy.

How to Use Medical Marijuana

Speaking of strands, let’s dive a little deeper into the culture of cannabis.

Medical marijuana is quickly popping up all around the States and the rest of the world. It is becoming a more common tool used to treat mental illness, aid physical functions, and even fight cancer. If all you need it for is period cramp relief, it is available to you, too. How are you supposed to use it, though? That is a personal choice. One which you can make among many options.

The Various Forms and Strains of Smoking

You may be familiar with the terms “smoking a bowl” or “hitting a joint.” These are examples of everyday vernacular for smokers. A bowl is a pipe that is usually made of glass, with an open area at the end to place pieces of a marijuana flower. A joint is a hand-rolled weed cigarette. It is filled with the marijuana flower and held together by special papers. But, forms of flower smoking are just the beginning.

There are various concentrates in the medical marijuana market. These go by many names, each due to a slight variation in how the concentrate is sourced and used. You may hear terms such as a “dab”, “shatter”, “wax”, and “hash.” Also, don’t be shy to ask about different kinds of strains available at a dispensary. Strains have three basic categories: indicas, sativas, and hybrids.
Indicas are known as the relaxers. These are great to fight body pain, which makes them a good place to start for period cramp relief.

Another option to consider is a sativa. Sativas are uppers; they make you feel energized and alert. Then, there are hybrids – these are a blend of both worlds. You may begin to explore period cramp relief with an indica, then discover the perfect hybrid to use instead.


Once you find the strand you really enjoy, you can do so much with it. There are all the forms of smoking mentioned above. Then, there’s cooking with cannabis. The power of any flower or concentrate is held in the oil. The oil can either be in the form of THC or CBD. You can use it in similar ways you would use common household oils, like olive oil, coconut oil, or even butter. Bake your medical marijuana into sweets or melt it over a plate of pasta. Ask dispensaries about the kind of chocolates and other sweets they offer.

Some will have quite the creative approach to edibles, with products ranging from gummy treats to breath mints. These make it easy to keep period cramp relief with you while on-the-go. Instead of making time to smoke and finding a place to do so, you can pop one in your mouth anywhere you are!

Oils, Lotions, and Baths

Maybe you just feel gross during your period and still want to stay home even when your pain is reduced. Treat yourself to a bath with CBD oil, or take the time to apply some lotion to the areas where you tend to get sore. These are just a few marijuana-based products you can apply to the skin for further relief. They are made with your comfort and self-care in mind. Such products fight the pain you experience during your period without any head high. They go straight to the source of the pain, while your mind is as sharp as ever.

Discover All the Powers of Medical Marijuana

From the start of your pre-period pains to the powerful cramps you experience throughout your flow, there is a better way to find relief. Medical marijuana is replacing Midol and other treatments on the shelves of many women all around the country. This is the solution your time of the month has been waiting for. Not to mention, there are endless benefits of introducing medical marijuana to your life.

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