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PMDD – How CBD Oil Changed My Life

How Cannabis changed my Life (Period Pain)

In this video mother of four Amy talks about how CBD oil helped treat her premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD is an extreme form of PMS and as Amy tells us it hugely affected not only herself but her family as well. That was of course until she discovered the benefits of CBD oil. By using CBD she has been able to get her PMDD under control and get her life back on track. Conditions such as PMDD and Endometriosis affect a huge number of women and yet are not really talked about in society. This is a big problem as it is only through understanding how these conditions disturb people’s day to day living that something can be done to help. That is why videos like this are so important. If you know anyone who has PMDD or Endometriosis show them this. Maybe they will be able to use CBD to find some relief as well. On a final note I understand that PMDD and Endometriosis are quite different in how they affect women but CBD has been shown to help both.

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