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NJ Lawmaker Wants Women to Smoke Cannabis for Cramps

NJ Lawmaker Wants Women To Smoke medical cannabis For Menstrual Cramps

Video Credit: Secular Talk

The list of ailments that allow for the use of medical marijuana may have a new addition in New Jersey. A bill is being proposed by Assemblyman Tim Eustace would expand the recognized use of marijuana to include menstrual cramps. Unlike opioids or painkillers which are the standard treatment, marijuana has no adverse side effects.

With the country experiencing an opiate epidemic like never before, its time to find alternative methods of treatment. Most women do not experience debilitating menstrual cramps, but the few that do suffer in a number of ways.

Severe cramps caused by PMS can leave them unable to function and in extreme pain for days. Marijuana is non-addictive, has little chance of abuse, and can not cause a fatal overdose. Marijuana has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory as well as ease muscle tension.

The man in the video also explains that painkillers are dangerous in the sense that they can be addictive and are all round a dangerous drug. He explains “guys they’re synthetic heroin. Like, let’s understand what they are it’s basically you’re taking a low dose synthetic heroin. So to say like – no we can’t allow the marijuana because drugs that’s a drug it’s bad for you, allow the heroin. It just shows a deep-seated ignorance on medical issues.”

Cannabinoids are also known to regulate serotonin levels in the brain which can help with the emotional fluctuations that accompany PMS. In a double-blind study women experiencing PMS were either given medical marijuana or they were given a placebo. The group that received the marijuana reported significantly fewer symptoms than the placebo group. The intention of the bill is not to have every woman getting high each month. Instead, it is aimed to help those who experience extreme symptoms with a safe and effective treatment.

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