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CBD Testimonials – Using CBD Oil to Help Treat Muscular Dystrophy

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Allan and Aldona share their story as a couple who use cannabidiol to treat their problems. Allan Johnston is 51 years old. Allan was very active and sporty. Over time Allan’s muscles were weakening, and he believed that he was just unfit, until he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in his mid-twenties. Allan was told that he was going to be in a wheelchair, and struggled to come to terms with this, which affected his mental health. “It’s a loss of lifestyle is really hard to take”.

Medical Treatments Allan Took for Muscular Dystrophy

Allan was taking several types of painkillers and opiates to treat his condition, Allan claimed that for him, they had horrible side effects, such as constipation, anxiety, insomnia, sweating. Allan explained that he would rather deal with the pain than suffer the side effects of opiates. So he stopped treating himself with his prescribed drugs. Allan explained that the month after he stopped taking his medicines, “it was absolutely horrendous”.

Allan’s wife Aldona was having menopause symptoms, she was having up to 20 hot flushes a day. It was through her that Allan heard of CBD oil. Aldona explains that she was always exhausted, and hadn’t the strength to look after herself or her husband who was in need. Aldona said, “When we found the CBD oil, it was a turning point in our life”. When Aldona took CBD oil, she noticed the benefits two or three days later. She gained a lot of energy back. Aldona said, “for me, it has given me my life back”.

CBD oil helps women going through menopause, due to the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system helps to regulate a range of bodily functions such as the immune system, appetite, and the hormonal system, which is why cannabis has helped Aldona with her menopause.

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