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Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Easing Menstrual Symptoms

Here Are Some of the Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Easing Menstrual Symptoms

Alien Bubba Cannabis Strain

An indica that is out of this world amazing, Alien Bubba is perfect for taking a little edge off. It completely relaxes the body physically, putting smokers in a state of suspension where they are unwilling to move. Clearly not something to take when you have a long day of work ahead of you! With its herbal and smooth flavor, it’s something all real indica fans need to try.

The psychedelic effects of Alien Bubba are characteristic to the high consumers feel. The high gradually takes over your senses instead of hitting you hard and puts consumers in an enjoyable clouded state of mind. Clearly, no work can be done during the high because the mindset shifts away from being productive.

15% to 21% of THC is present in Alien Bubba. Physically, it is made of large flowers, which are bigger than usual. An Alien Bubba flower looks almost like a miniature cypress tree because of its sharp narrow shape.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain

Famous even outside the cannabis community, the OG Kush is amongst the most popular strains there are. It produces revitalizing and boosting effects, which make it an excellent strain for daytime or early evening use. The potency of OG Kush can never come under question because of the 20% to 25% THC content within it. Physically, its sprouts look nugget-like, ranging from medium to big sizes.

The sprouts have thick structures similar to indica. It produces a high that effects the head rather than the body. OG Kush has the tendency to produce paranoia in users, so new smokers of it be warned. OG Kush plants grown indoors take 9 weeks to flower and produce, on average, 45 grams or 1.6 ounces every square foot.

Blue Dream

The strain most used in 2015 as reported by BDS Analytics, Blue Dream’s high is more head-focused, causing a sense of relaxation through the entire body. It has a powerful smell, tones of both grape and berry mixed with a sweet-skunky smell. To all the smokers who don’t want to be caught smoking Blue Dream, it’s advised to take caution because the smell lingers for a long time.

Trichomes on Blue Dream are translucent in color which means that, unlike other translucent strains, they don’t leave behind a trail of silver shimmer. They are sticky to touch though, and hard to separate without a grinder. THC content in Blue Dream ranges from 15% to 25%. Physically, the sprouts look like nuggets, range from a small to medium size and resemble popcorn. Indoor grown plants of Blue Dream flower in 10 weeks and produce on average 56 grams of the flower every square foot of the plant.

Amnesia Haze

The name of this sativa-dominant hybrid doesn’t do it justice. In reality, Amnesia Haze doesn’t have any dangerous long-term effects on memory at all, even though it is quite potent. But its effects do include working to drive inspiration! The strain has been known to offset a certain panicky mindset, which is why all new smokers are advised to try lower dosages of Amnesia Haze initially.

The hybrid is made of a mixture of numerous landraces found globally, like Afghani, Thai, and Hawaiian, together with the basic strain Haze. It is composed of 20% to 25% THC. Amnesia Haze is actually very widespread in areas where growing cannabis is allowed, even though everywhere else is it relatively rare.

The plant can be grown for personal purposes in two ways, by using seeds or by using clippings. Unlike the other strains mentioned here, Amnesia Haze is grown outdoors. It requires steady hot temperatures ranging between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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