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8 Reasons Why Cannabis Relieves Period Cramps

8 reasons why cannabis helps period pains

Over the course of her lifetime, a woman’s period will cost her nearly $20,000 in medication and treatments. For women who use cannabis to treat their cramps, most of the treatment options are subpar and inadequate.

Using treatments like a heated patch doesn’t cut it during those intense and painful periods.

Cannabis is now available for medicinal use in 29 states and Washington D.C. While each location has different laws governing its availability and distribution structure, it’s become a treatment option for an increasing number of ailments. It’s a preferred option for people seeking to avoid the difficult side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals.

If you’re looking for alternatives for treating your dreaded period cramps, you should try cannabis. Here are 8 reasons why it’s better than a heated patch.

1. Cannabis Alleviates Breast Pain

Sore breasts are often the first sign of a period. While that tenderness might be mild for some, it is severe in others. Because of the increased production of progesterone before the menstrual cycle, milk ducts within a woman’s breasts expand.

Breasts will feel sore as well as heavier and tighter. The heaviness could cause other painful muscular issues. Some women also report feeling a burning sensation in their breasts during their period.

Even wearing a bra can be deeply uncomfortable during a period. It might not be feasible to wear a heated patch everywhere while getting through your period.

Once a period begins, breast tenderness will subside. But in those days preceding it, pain could be immense.

Cannabis is a natural solution to dealing with muscular pain. Whether used in a topical solution or ingested, the elements of CBD that offer relief could get women through the difficulty of a painful PMS cycle.

Cannabis’s natural anti-inflammatory characteristics will come in handy during a period.

2. Cannabis Reduces Cramps In General

Even as far back as the 1800s, doctors were writing about the power that cannabis held in reducing menstrual cramps.

Over the intervening decades, the speculation has become closer to a fact. While there isn’t much research specifically connecting cannabis to helping with menstrual cramps, even high profile women talk about its power. Whoopi Goldberg has been touting cannabis as a solution for cramps.

She’s even gone so far as to create her own company of edibles that are targeted toward women looking to alleviate menstrual pain.

Where many physicians and specialists will try to hand women a heated patch as a solution, enterprising women know better. That’s why so many women are using cannabis as a treatment for their periods.

3. Cannabis Helps With Headaches

A painful period is more than just cramps and soreness. That drop in estrogen that happens right before menstruation can also lead to a difficult headache. This leads many women to associate menstruation with headaches.

Migraine risks reportedly increase during the days leading up to a period. That’s because of estrogen’s connection to how the body perceives pain. Estrogen helps to regulate that perception.

As cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief characteristics, it’s a great choice for dealing with migraines. While smoke isn’t always good for people dealing with headaches, edibles or oils with CBD elements could treat you in ways a heated patch can’t.

4. Tackle GI Issues

Cannabis is well known to cause people to have increased hunger. It’s been a known treatment for people going through chemotherapy who have difficulty keeping food down. In addition to helping with nausea, it also works to ease diarrhea caused by contraction of the uterus and intestines,

As hormones fluctuate, some women also experience constipation. These aren’t treatments that a heated patch can handle. But cannabis is well suited to tackle these problems.

Cannabis is helpful in calming muscle spasms and contractions, which can help to improve GI issues. It also alleviates stomach pain through its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

If you’re having trouble with digestive mobility, cannabis will help. People with Crohn’s disease and IBS have reported positive impacts following the use of cannabis.

5. See Less Acne

Many women report seeing more acne during their periods. A heated patch can’t help with acne, but a topical cannabis product could.

Because of premenstrual flare-ups, a majority of women experience dermatological issues. As your estrogen drops, progesterone increases. Because of this, oil glands are kicked into high gear.

The production of oil can promote bacterial growth, making skin prone to breaking out. One of the key elements in cannabis, CBD, can help to fix this problem.

Because CBD eases inflammation, it’s a powerful therapy for treatment of acne. As many CBD dermatology treatments are combined with healthy vitamin-rich skin treatments, the two can work together to treat oil without drying out skin.

Finding the right product can be hard but if you’re in a state where medical marijuana treatments are legalized, talk to a dermatologist. Let them know all of your most serious allergies and they should be able to find something that works for your skin.

6. Sleep Is Essential

The most important thing for our bodies when we’re experiencing any kind of malady is to get a good night of sleep. Women who are dealing with their periods report having sleep issues.

PMS is well known to cause insomnia for many women. Insomnia during painful periods can only exacerbate the issues women experience. If you need sleep to heal, but sleep won’t come, the pain will snowball.

Trouble sleeping can also lead to other issues including high blood pressure and heart disease. People who don’t sleep as well will have problems with their metabolism, which could result in obesity. Overall, sleep disorders add up to a much higher risk of an early death.

Once thing a heated patch can’t do as well as cannabis is to prepare the body for sleep.

The bloating and back pains during your period will lead to sleep problems prior to menstruation. One of the key factors is a drop in progesterone. CBD has been shown in the limited number of tests available to help with sleep.

Doses ranging from 10mg to 30mg could help people fall asleep better. While there’s much more research to do, CBD could hold a lot of answers for dealing with sleep disorders. Because sleep is so inextricably linked to good health, there could be a watershed of research to be done connecting CBD with good health.

7. Cannabis Is a Mood Stabilizer

For people who feel crankier during or before their period, there could be a lot of questions why these mood swings are happening. The honest answer is that as hormones fluctuate, so does your mood.

No two bodies are the same and women will all experience their periods differently, but there are some definite common denominators. Fluctuating hormones will lead to mood fluctuations.

If cannabis is ingested, the THC and CBD bind to various brain receptors causing multiple effects. When THC links with our brains, moods become calmer and more stable.

There are still many benefits to be discovered but this is powerful and inspiring news to any woman who has been without a mood stabilizing tool for years.

8. Cannabis Doesn’t Keep You Stationary

While the first image in your mind of someone who is using cannabis might be some teenagers glued to the couch like Beavis and Butthead, you’re wrong. As a wider variety of cannabis products have hit the market, there are different ways to use it. You don’t even need to get high to feel the positive effects of cannabis.

When CBD is extracted from cannabis, it provides all of the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory elements without leaving you unable to operate heavy machinery. You could use cannabis to treat your period without ever disrupting your daily life.

You might end up needing to sit still if you want to feel relief from a heated patch or a heating pad. You’ll be able to get up and move around without anything under your clothes or sitting on top of you.

And rather than having to apply something of minimal reward to your skin, you’ll be able to receive immediate effects with powerful anti-inflammatory results. Experience pain relief without having to sit around.

Get Faster Relief Than With A Heated Patch

Cannabis can provide far more and comprehensive pain relief solutions than using a heated patch. When ingested or taken as an extract, you’ll also be able to avoid smoking or dealing with the THC effects if you want to avoid them. Give yourself the immediate results that you need by using cannabis over a heated patch.

If you’re looking for other ways that cannabis can help you in your everyday life, contact us for more tips and ideas.

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